How to Transform your Home in a Week

Do you have an interior design project that you’re itching to get started on? Or perhaps you’ve a room in your home in desperate need of some TLC?
Whilst we can easily identify what needs changing, we often have so much motivation to get going that we almost don’t know where to start! Throughout this week, we’ll be giving you the ultimate guide to help you through your next project. From practical advice to design inspiration, keep your eyes peeled for our handy tips to make your dream house a home.
This week we’re getting started with one of our most frequently asked questions - How do you put up wallpaper?
Applying wallpaper need not be a complex task only to be handled by interior professionals. Anyone can revamp their walls in an afternoon with just a little bit of know-how. We’ve made things even easier for decorating novices with our Superfresco Easy range - specially designed to go up swiftly and come down just as easy when you fancy a change.
So let’s get started!

Make sure you’re working on a flat canvas. You may need to fill in cracks in the wall or even sand down rough areas. Smooth your hand across the wall and try to be extra critical about what you feel. You may not see it now, but the texture of your wall can greatly impact the overall look of your wallpaper and any texture you can feel will show up once the paper has dried.
Is your wallpaper of choice a ‘paste the wall’ or ‘paste the paper’ design? It is incredibly important to check, as paste the paper varieties require ‘soaking time’ and generally take longer to apply because of this.
Our Superfresco Easy range does not require a soaking time, making them much easier to apply for beginners. If you’re worried about snagging soggy paper and tearing your design during application, you may find it easier to use this range instead. Its non-woven technology makes it much more durable to help you avoid any little accidents! 
The more you handle your wallpaper, the more likely it is to suffer damage, so take care when applying.



Accurate measurements 



You may need to cut a section a few inches longer than necessary to make the job of lining up the pattern a lot easier. God forbid you waste a full sheet of wallpaper because it doesn’t quite line up the way it should!
If you’ve ever had to apply a screen protector on your phone, you’ll understand the horror of bubbles interfering with your finished look. Wallpaper can be very similar and bubbles do occur if you rush the job. 
They’re bound to happen and many will disappear as the glue dries, but to minimise the amount of bubbles that pop up from under your wallpaper, you should go slow, adding a little pressure on the way. You can use your hand or a damp sponge as you press on the paper and guide it into place. A damp sponge is usually the preferred method as any rogue glue will also be swept away before it has a chance to dry.
Try for yourself
So now you’ve got the basic tips, stay tuned to our blog for plenty of inspiration and more useful pieces of advice in the coming week.

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