Colours that go with teal

Wondering how to fill your space with colour? Turn to teal. Whether you go for darker, grey-toned shades or opt for the other end of the spectrum with bright azure hues, teal is a stylish addition to any home. Ahead, we reveal what colour goes with teal and the best ways to decorate with this jewel-like shade.

Dec 22, 2023

The psychology of the colour teal

According to colour psychology, the shades you choose to decorate your home with can impact your well-being and mood. A blend of blue and green, teal promotes clarity, open communication, and practical thinking. It’s often associated with calmness, which makes it ideal for creating relaxing bedrooms. As teal is a welcoming colour, it also works well in an entryway.

Tori Teal Wallpaper

Teal colour schemes 

If you’ve decided to change the feel of your home with a splash of teal, finding colours to complement it can seem like a tall order. To help, we’ve come up with a variety of tones that work best with it. Keep reading to discover all the inspiration for teal colour combinations you’ll need…

Copper and gold 

To energise your home décor, team a touch of teal with copper or gold. Although these are strikingly opposing tones, combining a rich blue-green hue with metallics is a great way to create a space that feels vibrant and contemporary. Why not channel this colour scheme with teal wallpaper? If it’s all-over pattern you crave, our Boreas wallpaper design uses a mixture of metallics, a teal backdrop and woodland sprigs to statement effect.

Boreas Teal & Copper Wallpaper

Sea green

If you’re looking for a colour that works effortlessly with teal, sea green is perfect. It’s an easy pairing as these shades both sit between green and blue on the colour wheel. As these two tones are so vibrant, we’d recommend keeping the majority of the space neutral and adding a patterned wallpaper to one of the walls as a focal point. Look to our Teien Sea Green design, which gives a nod to Japan with its hand-painted blooming florals, delicate cranes and colourful palette.

Teien Sea Green Wallpaper


When it comes to what colour goes with teal, navy is another classic shade that works well. Navy is often used to create a sophisticated, moody space, yet adding a pop of bright teal introduces a more modern feel. Whether it’s in a living room, master bedroom or dining area, our Edo Toile wallpaper expertly uses both hues to instantly draw the eye. Intricately detailed with an elegant scene and accented with touches of gold, it deserves a place on all four walls. After all, there’s never too much of a good thing.

Edo Toile Navy Wallpaper

Blush pink

Blush pink and teal is another well-balanced colour combination, especially when used with other soft and chalky hues. This creates a tranquil, restful environment that’s ideal for relaxing in – from on the sofa to curling up in bed. Try mixing and matching painted walls with our Resplendence Blush wallpaper. The blush pink backdrop on this wallpaper design is enhanced with teal peacocks, pastel florals and greenery for added dimension and flair.

Resplendence Blush Wallpaper

Warm brown

If those colours don’t appeal, consider pairing warm brown and teal together. When these colours are introduced to a room, the look becomes fresh and energetic. We recommend decorating with a printed wallpaper like our Basuto Teal design, and offsetting the jewel teal background, copper metallic highlighting and oriental scene with painted walls in a warm brown hue.

Basuto Teal Wallpaper