Colours that go with grey

If you’re looking to redecorate with a stylish neutral, it might be time to consider grey. Whether you go for pale and lilac-toned greys to create a cool environment or prefer warmer greys with yellow or brown undertones, it’s an incredibly versatile colour. Plus, it can provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of design schemes, from minimalist to maximalist. Ready to experiment with the shade in your own abode? Here, we’ve rounded up plenty of helpful tips and advice on what colour goes with grey. Discover the best colour pairings for grey below…

Dec 21, 2023

The psychology of the colour grey

The colour you choose to decorate your home with has the power to affect your well-being and can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of a space. Grey is typically associated with safety, security and intelligence, making it ideal for a living room or home office. It’s also considered to be calming and soothing, so it’s perfect for a child’s bedroom, too.

Grey colour schemes

From soft, light hues like pewter and ash, to charcoal and graphite shades, a grey palette can effortlessly transform any area. Yet choosing the right tones to complement grey can sometimes be tricky. Fortunately, the search is over. Ahead, find the five colour combinations you just can’t go wrong with.

Grey Paint

Earthy neutrals

When it comes to what colour goes with grey, earthy neutrals are ideal. Rich, warm hues such as beige, taupe, khaki, olive, moss and rust not only create a natural-looking palette, but elevate grey without feeling out of place. Consider accenting a lighter grey wall with neutral paint colours such as our Military Operation paint. With its higher pigments of red and yellow, this stunning khaki shade pairs well with other warm tones.


Another pairing that ranks high on the list is monochrome. Black and off-white can offset and lift tones of deep charcoal grey for a dark, moody interior. A stylish option for your living room, this colour combination is sleek and sophisticated. Why not team painted walls with a grey wallpaper as a feature? With its large-scale geometric print, our Atelier Stone Geo wallpaper will add a modern edge, too. To prevent the space from feeling cold, try adding colourful accessories.

Atelier Geo Stone Wallpaper

Emerald green

What better way to enhance the beauty of grey than with this vibrant jewel tone? Emerald green provides a powerful grounding effect and it's versatile enough to pair with nearly any neutral, including grey. With its fresh blue undertones, try our luxurious Glasshouse paint on walls to energise and add depth to a grey-toned space.

Burnt saffron

Teaming burnt saffron a bold yet earthy shade of yellow with grey will bring a touch of spice to any modern home. These two colours contrast beautifully to create a distinctive, lively aesthetic in a bedroom, dining area or living room. To get the look, go for our Burnt Saffron paint.

Burnt Saffron Paint

Light pastel blues

Who says a grey and pastel colour combination can’t wow? Mixing a soft palette of light pastel blues with grey will introduce a fresh feel to an interior. Adding subtle splashes of chalky blue to a grey colour scheme prevents the design from feeling monotonous. Opt for a light, cool-toned grey as the neutral backdrop and decorate other walls with our Bluebird paint.