How to create a Monochrome Living Room

Create a stylish monochrome colour scheme in your home

Monochromatic colour schemes - particularly black and white - rarely go out of style. Despite only using two colours, there can be a lot of versatility when it comes to monochrome decor. But it’s also possible to create black and white rooms that feel a little flat or cold. In this blog, we’ll give you tips on how to use monochrome to curate living spaces that feel chic rather than sterile.


If you’re planning a black and white living room, it’s always best to start with the white. You can then layer up with your darker colours by adding a feature wall or black accents, such as skirting boards, furniture or cushions. This stops the darker shades from overwhelming the room, whilst still creating a consistent black and white theme.

At Graham & Brown, we sell a range of different white paints. If you want to create a sharp, classic monochrome look, we recommend G&B White, which is crisp and paper bright. Alternatively, you can soften things ever-so slightly with our blue-tinged Moon Cottage or our pale cream Prosecco White.


When we think of monochrome, we often think of simple black and white. But actually, monochrome means various shades of a single colour - if you wanted, you could have a monochromatic blue, green or pink room! This also means that shades of grey are most definitely allowed, to add dynamic and variation to your space. Opt for grey linen furnishings, neutral wall art and hang mirrors to soften a black and white room.

Just as there are shades of grey, at Graham & Brown we also sell shades of black. We have three black paints, all offering something slightly different. Our Black Cab paint is a cool black tone, reminiscent of urban scenes. Witchcraft is a deep and warm black with luxurious purple undertones. Finally, Tattoo is a lighter shade of almost-black that looks exceptional when paired with bright, shimmering greys.


Lighting is important in any room, but especially a monochrome one. Using shades on opposite ends of the spectrum means that it’s easy for a monochromatic living room to seem either too bright or two dark. Opt for lights that create an off-white or gold-tinted glow to counter any coldness created by your colour scheme.

Using mirrors or glass panelling to reflect the light can be a way to enhance brightness even further and to create a sense of liveliness in the room.


Keeping your colour scheme simple means that you have lots of room for creativity when it comes to other areas of interior design. For instance, something just as exciting as colour is texture. Use your black and white backdrop to highlight favourite soft furnishings, such as thick rugs, faux fur, brick walls and metal fixtures.


For those of you open to bending the rules, our suggestion is to add a few bright, bold strokes to your monochromatic scheme. Pops of colour can actually accentuate your black and white theme by creating such a stark contrast. Plus, there isn’t any colour that doesn’t go well with black and white. Introduce block-colour cushions, a colourful piece of wall art or even a bunch of flowers to create real effect.


One way to create a black and white living room is to use wallpaper. Wallpaper lets you make exciting choices when it comes to patterns that are harder (or more time consuming) to achieve with paint.

Choose something simple yet striking such as Figaro Black, Christian Classic or Dots, or branch out with something quirky like Kingdom Zebra or Frames.

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