Colours that go with yellow

If there’s one shade that’s guaranteed to brighten up your home, it’s yellow. From golden honey and soft buttermilk to rich ochre and sunny lemon, there’s a tone to suit every taste. As one of the most uplifting and joyful hues, it’s perfect for boosting a room’s style factor. Ready to give it a chance? Read on to discover tips and advice on what colour goes with yellow, so you can create a cohesive decorating scheme.

Dec 22, 2023

The psychology of the colour yellow

According to colour psychology, the colours you choose to surround yourself with can affect the way you think and feel. While we all may love neutral décor, there’s no denying that decorating with colour is an effortless way to improve your outlook. Yellow is a typically positive hue that evokes feelings of happiness and optimism. Warm and energetic, yellow’s mood-enhancing qualities make it ideal for a bedroom, living room or any other interior space.

Yellow Paint

Yellow colour schemes

Decorating with yellow can be quite an adventure, especially if you think outside the box. So if you’re up for introducing yellow into a space, it’s well worth knowing the unexpected shades that complement it best. Here are a few of our favourite yellow colour combinations to get you started…

Soft grey 

Yellow and soft grey are a classic design duo. The warmer tones of yellow lift and balance the cooler undertones of grey to prevent a room from feeling cold and bare. Cheerful yet soothing, this pairing works well in bedrooms, living rooms and everywhere in between. An added bonus? You can make this colour scheme as bold or as subtle as you like. Don’t be afraid to add in some pops of pattern either – we love the beautiful botanicals and charming birds that adorn our Glasshouse wallpaper.

Glasshouse Soft Grey Wallpaper

Leafy green

Wondering what colour goes with yellow? Look to nature for inspiration! A leafy green shade will make the warmth of yellow pop, ensuring the hue remains the focus. These two colours work well in any interior setting, whether you’re renovating the kitchen or decorating the hallway. For a more statement option, team leafy green paint with a lively patterned wallpaper like our Amalfi design. Hand-painted with zesty lemons, tasty clementines, budding florals and plenty of wildlife, it’s bound to become a talking point.

Amalfi White Wallpaper


Teaming silver with yellow will create exciting contrast without overwhelming your space. It’s ideal for creating a bright yet calming bedroom, or even a modern and sophisticated lounging area. It’s worth thinking beyond just paint, too – silver florals set against a yellow backdrop lend this Anthriscus Summer wallpaper eye-catching flair.

Anthriscus Summer Wallpaper


If you’re unsure whether you can mix and match yellow and teal, it's time to reconsider your view. Yellow is an undertone of this wonderful blue-green hue, which means they contrast beautifully while still working in harmony. Yellow tones such as mustard and ochre look best with teal, and it’s a good idea to use one as the dominant hue and the other as an accent. A prime example is our Floret Teal wallpaper, which uses hints of yellow on pussy willow branches to enhance the teal background.

Floret Teal Wallpaper

Pink rose

Looking for a fresh and inspiring way to update a room? Consider a pairing of light yellow and pink rose. A statement combination for an on-trend, modern interior, this visually striking duo works best in smaller rooms such as hallways, home offices and playrooms. Try transforming an entire room with minimal effort and add an accent wall featuring these two colours. With intricate hand-painted Chinese motifs and a bold, canary-yellow backdrop, you can’t go wrong with our Chinoiserie Canary wallpaper.

Chinoiserie Canary Wallpaper