Colours that go with navy

An ever-popular shade, navy blue lends itself to a multitude of design styles. This rich hue is versatile enough to be used as the focal point in a room or as a backdrop for brighter tones. Ready to transform plain white walls, but unsure of what colour goes with navy blue? Whatever colour combination you're leaning towards, find a range of inspiration below.

Dec 21, 2023

The psychology of the colour navy 

Colours can have an impact on the atmosphere of a space, and they can also evoke different moods. When used in the home, navy blue is welcoming, peaceful and inviting. Reminiscent of both the sky and sea, navy can bring calm and serenity to any room. For this reason, it’s the perfect shade for restful spaces such as the bedroom or living room.

Timepiece Midnight Bespoke Mural

Navy colour schemes 

From creating a dramatic feature wall to refreshing a hallway, this versatile hue never fails to impress. And when it comes to finding colours to complement navy blue, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re still stuck for ideas on what colour goes with navy blue, here are our tried-and-tested recommendations…

Botanical greens

Searching for a striking colour combination for your next decorating project? Try navy blue and botanical greens. The lush green hues lift the darker navy tone, creating a fresh, lively feel. Our Borneo Midnight wallpaper demonstrates the pairing beautifully. With its deep navy background and beautiful banana leaves, it’s a great way to give your walls the attention they deserve.

Borneo Midnight Wallpaper


For a modern and sophisticated space, consider introducing metallic accents to a navy room. Bright metallics – think gold, silver and even copper – will effortlessly enhance the decadent, dark tones of this shade. Our tip? Keep the metallic accents subtle with soft furnishings, accessories or statement wallpaper on a single wall. A prime example is our Boreas Midnight design, which offsets a midnight-blue background with a copper-coloured sprig motif. Plus, as it’s Paste-The-Wall paper, it’s super easy to hang.

Boreas Midnight Wallpaper

Shades of white

If there was ever a time to banish an all-white colour scheme, it’s now. That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of this classic neutral hue completely though, as a stunning navy and white combination proves. Shades of white are perfect if you want to brighten up navy blue. If you’re a fan of coastal style or a nautical-themed aesthetic, combining these two colours is a simple way to work it into your bathroom or bedroom. For a living room, why not look to our Deep Sky Balloon Race bespoke mural? Deep navy tones, pretty pastels and a hand-drawn design will bring your bare walls to life.

Deep Sky Balloon Race Bespoke Mural


A statement shade, teal will brighten and break up dark, moody tones of navy blue. A pop of teal is also ideal for adding a contemporary touch to an otherwise classic and traditional navy room. You can keep this colour pairing subtle or go for something altogether bolder with our Restore Midnight wallpaper. With its smoky-blue backdrop and wild trails of exotic botanicals, it’s an eye-catching addition to any space.

Restore Midnight Wallpaper

Rose Pink

Complementary colours can instantly change the look of an interior, and navy blue and rose are no exception. Rose pink acts as a soft neutral to balance cooler navy tones. Work this colour duo into a blank space with our Masterpiece bespoke mural. The intricate floral design ensures it takes centre stage, whether it’s in a narrow hallway or on a dining room wall

Masterpeice Bespoke Mural