Q: I’ve found a wallpaper that I love, do you have paints to match?

We meticulously match the background of our wallpapers to our paint colours therefore you will always be able to find that perfect partner to whichever gorgeous wallpaper you choose.

To help you with your project, we also offer up 3 more suggestions of paint colours to either compliment or contrast with each wallpaper.

Choosing your room décor is completely personal but our team of colour and design specialists have given you a tried and tested starting point.

Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team if you’re after a specific colour suggestion.


Q: Can I purchase tester pots in any finish?

Tester pots are available in our Matt Emulsion and we would recommend painting an A4 swatch rather than directly onto the wall. This will enable you to move it around the room to ensure you’re happy with it in different lights.

Please note that we really do recommend purchasing a tester pot before moving to a full tin because all of our paints are mixed to order therefore, we do not accept returns.


Q: What size are they?

Our peel & stick paint samples are all standard A5 size – 148 x 210 mm.

Q: How accurate will the colour be?

All of our peel & stick samples are made with real paint so you can get the most accurate colour representation possible. What you see is what you get!

Q: What surfaces can I stick them on?

Anything and everything! From walls to wood, if you can paint it you can peel & stick it.

Q: Will it damage or mark my wall?

Since our peel & stick samples don’t use any glue or adhesives, they are perfectly safe to use on any surface without causing any damage or leaving any marks.

Q: How should I dispose of my peel & sticks when I’m done?

We launched peel & stick paint samples as yet another way to care for our planet, so we’ve ensured every single one is recyclable. The backing can be recycled along with plastics and the sample itself can be recycled with paper.

Q: Why should I use peel & stick instead of a tester pot?

Tester pots are useful for covering larger areas and for smaller DIY projects, but peel & stick paint samples are a great alternative if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option. Peel & stick samples are also great for convenience; You can test them out in every nook and cranny of your home without leaving any mess behind.

Q: Will I still be able to order tester pots?

Although peel & stick samples are a great new option, sometimes you just can’t beat the traditional tester pot. So don’t worry, they will continue to be available in our extended range of colours alongside our peel & stick samples.


Q: Are your paints water or oil based?

Each of our paints are water-based which means they are all low odour and have a lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) level than any oil-based paints. It also means they are extremely quick drying, meaning you can get more out of your project in less time.

Volatile Organic Compounds contribute to atmospheric pollution when they evaporate (when the paint dries) and they can be found in chemicals used across many industries such as soaps, building materials and cleaning products. To learn more on the benefits of water-based paints, please see our article.

Q: What’s the difference between your matt emulsion and resistance ultra durable matt emulsion?

Our Matt Emulsion has a 5% sheen level with Class 2 Wipeable classification.Our Resistance Ultra Durable Matt Emulsion has a 1% sheen level with Class 1 Washable classification. But what does this actually mean?

Our Resistance Ultra Durable Matt Emulsion is so tough that it will keep its flat matt finish even after cleaning. That’s right - no lifting paint, leaving white marks or polishing when you clean it meaning this is your best friend for kids’ playrooms and kitchens.

It is brilliant for high traffic areas such as hallways, kids’ bedrooms and living rooms because of the it’s durability and resistance to bumps and knocks. Finally, we also recommend this paint for bathrooms, it is moisture repellent to reduce dirt and mould build up.

Our Matt Emulsion is more suited to lower traffic areas such as spare bedrooms or studies and is perfect for use on any ceilings.For help on choosing the correct finish for your project, please refer to our FINISH CHOOSER function on any of our paint colour pages.

Please note: Whilst our paints are dry to the touch within a matter of hours, water-based paints take approx. 28 days to fully cure. This is when the paint is 100% dry and has reached its full hardness/durability. Until the paint has fully cured, it will not withstand knocks or wiping.

Q: What finish should I use to paint wood?

We would recommend either our Eggshell or Gloss paint depending on how shiny you want your woodwork to be. Both paint finishes are scratch resistant, quick drying, odourless and have great flow meaning you don’t need to work hard to achieve that smooth and flawless finish.

We’d also recommend using our Primer and Undercoat in order to ensure a smooth application and that you’re left with the best possible appearance once dry.

If you’re after a matt finish on your woodwork (or perhaps your furniture) you can also use our Resistance Ultra Durable Matt Emulsion if you then protect it with a topcoat of varnish or wax.

For help on choosing the correct finish for your project, please refer to our FINISH CHOOSER function on any of our paint colour pages.

Q: What surfaces can I apply your metallic paint to?

Our luxurious metallic paint is made for interior use and can be applied to walls, ceilings, wood, MDF, primed metal and plasterwork. For more information on different surfaces please refer to the Product Data Sheet. Or view our finishes information section on the paint landing page.

Q: What should I use to paint radiators?

Our Eggshell and Gloss finishes can be used on radiators. We would recommend purchasing a specialised primer for this in order to ensure adhesion.


Q: What is the benefit of using a primer?

Using a primer is the best way to ensure a flawless finish with any of our trim paints. Our Primer & Undercoat is quick drying, fills in minor imperfections and has excellent hiding power meaning it assists with the topcoat adhesion and helps to promote a smooth, even finish.

Q: Which colour should I use?

Our Primer & Undercoat comes in over 260 colours therefore where you can, you should use the same colour. On the darker and more brighter colours where we can’t offer you an exact match, we recommend using a lighter shade of the topcoat colour. For example, if you’re painting a dark red then go to a lighter red or pink.


Q: What is the coverage of your paint finishes?

Our paint finishes have differing coverages due to the nature of the difference in paint properties. Each product has a coverage per metre squared on their Product Data Sheets and each tin of paint shows the maximum coverage for that volume of paint.In order to help work out how much paint you’ll need, please refer to our paint calculator. Or view our finishes information section on the paint landing page.

Q: How many coats of paint should I use?

We always recommend at least two coats of paint as we can only guarantee product properties at two coats.

Our paints have great coverage, we only use high quality binders and pigments to ensure the best depth of colour therefore in 90% of cases you will not need more than 2 coats of paint however in some bright colours you may need a third in order to achieve an even, flawless finish.For more help please refer to our paint calculator.

Q: How long should I leave paint to dry between coats?

Each paint finish is slightly different in terms of drying time, therefore please refer to either your tin of paint or the Product Data Sheets. Found here.


Q: What prep do I need before painting?

We’re so glad you asked! Prep is key to create that flawless finish you’re after. Luckily we’ve written an easy guide for prep and application of painting walls which you can read (and watch!), or if you’re after painting woodwork then click here.

Q: Should I apply your paint by brush or roller?

All of our paints can be applied using traditional brushes or rollers, it all depends on the desired final appearance. Paint brushes can be used for cutting in, uneven surfaces or small areas; whereas rollers will give you a uniform, flawless finish on well-prepared walls. For more information on applying each finish, please refer to the Product Data Sheets. Alternatively, click here to read our blog on how to paint a room.

Q: Can your paint be applied with a spray canister?

You can use a spray cannister to apply all our paint finishes however they will need diluting with clean water. The dilution % varies from finish to finish therefore please refer to the product data sheets for more information.

Q: How long must I wait before painting over new plaster?

We would recommend allowing at least six months for newly plastered walls, for the plaster to dry thoroughly, before painting. This will help to avoid any problems such as patchiness, cracking or lifting as the plaster dries out.

Q: How should I clean my brushes?

All our paints are water based therefore warm water with mild detergent will do the trick!


Q: How much does delivery cost?

Delivery for tester pots is free and our standard delivery and free delivery thresholds are dependant on the country.

Q: Can I return my unused paint?

Every one of our tins of paint is lovingly mixed to order therefore we cannot accept any returns on unused paint. This is why we strongly recommend purchasing a tester before moving to a full tin in order to avoid any potential disappointment.If you believe your paint is faulty, please do contact our customer service team here.


Q: Do you have technical data sheets available for your paint finishes?

You can download our product data sheets in the product details of each paint. Or you can find them in our finishes information section on the paint landing page. Product MSDS documents can be supplied on request.