Colours that go with blue

Incredibly versatile and available in a myriad of tones, blue is one of those colours you can’t go wrong with. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom, redoing your kitchen or renovating your bathroom, it’s always a safe choice. But when it comes to choosing colours to pair with it, the decision can often be daunting. So if you’re looking for some inspiration on what colour goes with blue, the good news is you've come to the right place. To ensure you pick the right combination the first time around, we’ve put together a list of the complementary shades that work best with blue. Ahead, find plenty of blue colour schemes to experiment with in your home…

Dec 19, 2023

Terrazzo Paint

The psychology of the colour blue 

As well as looking beautiful in a multitude of spaces, blue has the ability to evoke many different moods. Depending on the shade, the colour can create a room that feels fresh, serene, or even full of energy. It’s ideal if you want to make your home a no-stress zone, as blue has been scientifically proven to have a subconsciously calming effect. It’s perfect for encouraging restful sleep, so why not use it in your bedroom?

Blue colour schemes 

When it comes to working out what colour goes with blue, there are many shades to choose from. You can pick a rich colour, or you can complement the soothing power of blue with other more subdued neutral options. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together five colour pairings to try…

Botanical green

Bring the outside in and team blue with botanical green. Defined by its pale green-grey hue with yellow undertones, this shade blends well with blue to give any room a dramatic lift. With a navy background and green banana leaves, our Borneo Midnight wallpaper is an effortless way to master the colour combination. Use it to create a striking feature wall, or to give an entire room a statement upgrade.

Borneo Midnight Wallpaper


Resolved to change up your home décor this year? Teaming blue with glimmering copper is an excellent way to freshen things up. It’s a pairing that shines in modern design, as our eye-catching Palais wallpaper proves. Whether it’s for your hallway, living room, or the bedroom, this wallpaper design showcases just why the combination works so well with its deep navy backdrop and delicate copper detailing.

Palais Navy & Copper Wallpaper

Warm grey

If there are two colours that work effortlessly together, it’s grey and blue. Seen as a modern neutral, warm grey will help create a relaxed atmosphere in any space. You don't always have to wallpaper your walls to enjoy the stylish benefits of warm grey either. Channel the colour scheme with warm grey paints from our wide selection. Try accenting the colour pairing with accessories and furniture made from dark wood and natural leather.

Blush pink

For a combination of shades that is soothing but never dull, look no further than blue and blush pink. This colour scheme strikes the perfect balance between subtle and contemporary, making it an ideal choice for those wanting enough colour to make an impact without overwhelming the space. With a hand-drawn design of blooming flowers and blue birds, let our soft pink Nuit Blush wallpaper show you how it’s done.

Nuit Blush Wallpaper

Crisp white

Decorating walls in a crisp white tone will offset and enhance any colour of blue you go for – from aquamarine and azure, to cobalt and sky. Choose a white paint from our range and create a focal point with one blue wall, or opt for a two-tone look. This combination is a classic for a reason, after all.