Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Grey is a popular choice for living rooms for many reasons, including its huge versatility. Cool tones can work beautifully in smaller spaces and darker charcoals create an effortlessly stylish look.

Grey Paints and Wallpapers for Your Living Room

Grey is a popular choice for living rooms for many reasons, including its huge versatility. Cool tones can work beautifully in smaller spaces and darker charcoals create an effortlessly stylish look. So whether you favour a minimalist aesthetic or are after something with a bit of flair and drama, grey is the colour you can rely on to give you the desired effect.

We have brought together some of our favourite shades of grey, featuring both paints and wallpaper, so you can start creating your dream grey living room.

Our favourite grey living room paints

Grey paint can form the perfect neutral base when it comes to decorating your living room. Use these paints on all four walls, or use the darker shades to create a feature wall.


Anastasia is a truly classic shade of grey. Pale and delicate, it makes for a stylishly subtle backdrop in any living room. Pair with dark grey, white and black furnishings to create a distinctive monochrome look, or introduce pops of colour with brighter cushions, curtains and plants.


Dulce’s warm undertones make it a very livable and comfortable shade of grey, ideal for busy living rooms. It is slightly darker than Anastasia, but not so dark that it would be overwhelming on all four walls. It is great for helping to create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for larger spaces.


If it’s love for a 1920’s aesthetic that has drawn you to grey decor, you can’t go wrong with Gatsby. This cool grey is inspired by the era’s statement glamour and makes for a beautifully chic backdrop in any living room.


Hygge is all about comfort, cosiness and contentment, which is why this shade features soft yellow pigments, making it a warmer shade than some of the other paints on this list. There’s no room better suited to Hygge than the living room. Pair with soft furnishings, or use it to emphasise a cottagecore aesthetic.


This iconic, deep shade of grey is perfect for creating a statement. Dark and rich with a neutral base, Gunmetal sits beautifully on all four walls when paired with light furnishings. Or, use it to create a feature wall with different shades - such as Anastasia - for contrast.


Ethos is another deep grey but this time with blue undertones. This complex colour truly catches the eye, making it a great choice for a feature wall. Timeless and classic, it will elevate any living room.

Our favourite grey living room wallpapers

One way to make your grey living room really pop is by using wallpapers. A lot of these wallpapers pair beautifully with the paints suggested above, or you can paste them across all four walls.


With a dark grey, textured background, Boreas Deep Grey Wallpaper features delicate sprigs of metallic that rise in a repeating pattern. Its gentle glimmer makes it eye catching without being overpowering or scene stealing, making it the perfect living room backdrop.


Let your guests be charmed by our Glasshouse Midnight Wallpaper, featuring tropical birds against a dark, midnight background. The combination of a dramatic pattern with dark, subtle colours, makes this wallpaper a tasteful statement in any living room.


This iconic striped wallpaper is made up of bold charcoal strokes to create a deep and contemporary aesthetic. Paste them vertically or horizontally and use them to create a moody backdrop for matching grey furniture or brighter furnishings. Heritage Stripe Charcoal makes for a classic feature wall design, and works beautifully on all four walls. For a lighter option, take a look at Heritage Stripe Grey.


Luna Pepper is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a grey living room without creating a space that is too dark. Its subtle grey backdrop is studded with growing metallic florals, creating a unique and sophisticated effect.


Fans of geometric designs will love our Palais Grey & Rose Gold Wallpaper. With its understated repeating pattern of smooth and distinct curved lines, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to start exploring shape and texture without being overly extravagant.


Add a touch of colour amongst the grey with Aeris Grey & Yellow, featuring a light grey background with simple yellow and white florals. This wallpaper can make for a sweet and sophisticated feature wall but its contemporary design also works well on all four walls.


Large and detailed paisley designs sit sedately on top of a textured, rustic grey background in our Boteh Mist Wallpaper. Quietly daring, it is a simple but eye catching choice for any living room, with a timeless edge that will keep you happy for years to come.

We hope you’ve found something here to inspire your new grey living room! If you’re still on the hunt for interior design tips and ideas, check out our other living room wall decor ideas, our accent wall inspiration ideas and our best bathroom wallpaper ideas.