Tin Ceilings – Bringing the Old Back into 2016


There’s no denying that tin ceilings are one of the hottest design trends of the season but where did the idea come from and how can you incorporate this unique trend into your home? Read on to discover how to add a dramatic look to your living room, dining room or bedroom with a tin ceiling.


A Little Bit of History Repeated


Image source: Pinterest

The tin ceiling trend can be traced all the way back to the 1800s Victorian Era. Tin ceilings were first introduced in North America when home owners craved a glamourous designer look that was cost effective. Tin ceilings were a lower priced option than plasterwork back then so it became a popular way to decorate on a budget.


Rustic and Regal


One of the reasons why tin ceilings are so popular is that this design lends itself to a wide range of décor styles from traditional to contemporary. So whether you want to create a regal look in a traditional style property or you want to add a rustic touch to a country home, a tin ceiling can help you to achieve all of this and more. If you are going for a contemporary look, choose silver designs whereas for a traditional home, copper and gold shades will add elegance and class.


Mirror the Effect with Wallpaper


If you love the idea of a tin ceiling but don’t want to commit to it fully, why not mirror the effect of a tin ceiling with our Screen Panel white paintable wallpaper? Perfect for modern rooms, you can leave it white for an understated look or you can paint it with metallic paint to create an instant impact. Our Small Squares wallpaper design is well suited to period style properties and echoes the luxurious designs from the Victorian era.


Make Your Ceiling the Star of the Show


Image source: Pinterest

A tin ceiling is quite the statement piece and as a result it is advisable to keep the rest of the décor simple. However, if the room décor is too plain, your ceiling may stand out for all of the wrong reasons. A metallic tin ceiling works well in a bathroom as it ties in with the metallic elements already present in the design such as taps, fixtures and fittings. For a dining room, reflect the glamour of your ceiling with an opulent dining table arrangement. For a bedroom, incorporate the tin ceiling into the room design complementing it with luxurious fabrics, cushions and bedspreads and perhaps ornate furniture.


Would you try the tin ceiling trend?