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    Our recommended wallpapering tools

    Graham & Brown now sell some of the tools you’re bound to need when tackling that decorating project.

    When wallpapering don’t forget your paste!

    We sell single sachets of paste which is quick and simple to make up. This sachet contains a powder which you simply add to water and mix. Just check the back of the sachet for how much water is required as this does change dependent upon the type of wallpaper you are using. Each sachet can hang up to 8 rolls.

    Our wallpaper paste is suitable for both paste the wall wallpapers and for the traditional method of wallpapering.

    The 6 inch wall brush is ideal for applying paste to your wallpaper or directly to walls. A good quality brush for this will ensure smooth application, with no loss of bristles in the paste.

    You can also use this brush with emulsion and masonry paints. A great all-rounder.

    If you are using one of our paste the wall wallpapers you may want to consider our paste kits. This kit includes a packet of paste, a roller and tray, plumb line and a smoother. Once you have mixed your paste and water following the instructions on the sachet  you simply pour this mix into the tray and you’re ready to roll it on to your walls and start hanging your wallpaper, it’s as simple as that no need for pasting tables. 

    We also sell a stirrer which is a very handy tool whether painting or wallpapering. There is nothing worse than having to find a wooden stick or worse still rummaging through the kitchen drawers for an old wooden spoon that is never quite long enough to mix your paste. 

    Before you start hanging your wallpaper you will need to ensure you start hanging in a straight line, as we all know walls are very rarely straight. A wallpaper plumb line is a simple tool that accurately allows you to mark a vertical starting point ensuring your wallpaper remains straight throughout the rest of the room.

    Normal everyday scissors simply aren’t good enough for the job and often lead to a jagged unsightly edge, wallpaper scissors have been designed with a long and sharp blade meaning you can quickly and easily trim the perfect edge.

    And fear not if you accidently get a little paste on the surface of the wallpaper when hanging. Our decorator’s sponge has a more durable surface than a standard sponge making it ideal for removing excess paste.

    For the finishing touches we suggest using either a wallpaper smoother or wallpaper smoothing brush to gently remove any air bubbles and a wallpaper seam roller to ensure all edges are fully stuck down. ­

    When it comes to removing wallpaper if it is paste the wall wallpaper then you should simply be able to lift one corner and remove each complete length at a time.

    If you have used traditional wallpaper then our long handled wallpaper scraper makes it easy to remove.  A 10cm blade set on an angled head ensure you can get to all those hard to reach areas too.

    Wall Doctor lining paper makes any wallpaper applied over the top fully strippable, like paste the
    wall wallpaper you lift a corner and you can remove full lengths at a time. Meaning when it’s time for a change you can quickly and easily remove the old wallpaper with little mess, and effort. 

    View all accessories and tools here.

     Written By Steph
    eCommerce Executive at Graham & Brown. This blog is my baby, and I work hard at making it awesome. I do all my own decorating, and have wallpaper on just about every wall in my house – including the downstairs loo.
    I’m a fan of country walks (and country Pubs), handbags and scarves, hanging out with my little boy, and having a flutter at the races.