Behind the Mural - Venetian



When we first delved in to the world of Murals we weren’t sure where it would take us. Wanting to look at both the past and at future trends, the collection is certainly shaped around unique design that makes an impact on a wall.


 The Venetian wall mural was the first that our in-house Stylist, Jody, had worked on. Sifting through the many pieces of artwork we have within our archive, the design that sparked the created of this mural stood out amongst the lighter floral designs she had been seeing.




With the archive piece dating back to 1873, Jody mentions that this piece is quite unusual for the time; ‘It has a bizarre design, it’s very ahead of it’s time to answer a modern brief in 2017’. She also noted that it was very bold of the artist to use a dark, matte background for this artwork, ‘it’s difficult to work with because if you get something wrong on a dark base, it’s harder to rectify’.



This dramatic piece contains moody blooms and a chinoiserie inspired bird that invites more colour in to the design.


The artwork was scanned in, retouched, recolours and resized to become a statement mural to start the collection. Using our ‘Paste the Wall’ application method, this mural is not only beautiful but also effortlessly easy to put up. This design comes in 1 roll, which then cuts down in to strips for you to fit to your wall.



Take a look at our video below which provides a step by step guide on how to Hang a Wall Mural with our Venetian mural.