The Stroma Collection


rompe L’oeil has seen a modern revival throughout 2016 & 2017, with the new Stroma collection taking this to the next level by mixing in simplistic botanical details.

Divided in to two designs, Stroma Origami takes centre stage with a folded paper effect that looks 3-dimensional on your walls. Whilst the floral design sitting behind pokes through with pops of green, purple and blue being introduced. The other design, Stroma, features a matte colour backdrop with the matching floral used to create a more monochromatic look.

This collection combines 2 of our biggest trends for 2018, Bliss & Ground. Using the formation of 3-dimensional structures whilst embracing the weird and wonderful world of botanicals. There is a hidden beauty with this wallpaper that adds endless intrigue and wander to your walls. Derived from the Greek word fro Reveal, this collection is all about discovery.

Stroma Origami

Stroma Coral

Stroma Mulberry

Stroma Carnation

Stroma Stone

Stroma Fawn