The Chinoiserie Collection

A style of decorative or fine art based imitations of Chinese motifs.


The Chinoiserie Collection was released in 2017 and is comprised of one stunning design across four opulent colourways. Created by our talented in-house designer Vic, she took inspiration from traditional design and transformed it into a modern masterpiece – something we love to do at Graham & Brown. Vic said of the design, ‘The chinoiserie has a fanciful, romantic modern take on a classic style’. Vic went on to explain how she first found her inspiration, ‘I was inspired by 18th century Chinese and East Asian decorative and artistic traditions, of painting furniture and fabrics’. We have a wealth of designs in our archive that we always look at and refer back to at the start of our design process. We’ll show you some of our archive pieces in another blog post soon!

Inspired by a 17th century design, when possessing exotic exported goods was symbolic of higher status, the intricate hand painted motifs were created using acrylic paint on watercolour paper, highlighted with pencil detailing. The bold jewel inspired colours create a truly on trend design. Whimsical illustrations and curious flowers give this story a fresh, playful edge. Pops of bright colour freshen the room and give the archive feel a new lease of life.

When we opened The House of Wallpaper last September we wanted to show you how we printed a design onto the paper. We wanted an eye catching, bold, intricate design that really had the WOW factor, so naturally we chose Chinoiserie.

At our factory in Blackburn, England we print the design screen by screen and layer the design to create the illusion of depth. Each layer had a slightly different stage of the design printed onto it. We start with the bare bones of the design and the layers become more and more detailed as we move along.

Check out the way we managed to show you this process at The House of Wallpaper below! The original Chinoiserie artwork is the second piece in from the right, you can see the artwork in more detail on our Instagram.

We are incredibly proud of the fact that this design was created, proofed – that’s when we create a little snippet of the design to see what it looks like first. I’ll tell you more about proofing in another blog post. It was manufactured in our very own factory and photographed – we have a very talented product manager who styles all of our shoots – all in Britain!

Rule Britannia!