The Retro Collection


he fifties were a revolutionary era, the world was enjoying a post war revival, Elvis Presley was the face of Rock n’ Roll and Christian Dior created 'The New Look'. It was a time where resources were plentiful and people were having fun!

When you think of the fifties you immediately think of the colours; avocado green, mustard yellow, citrus lemon, cool aqua and pops of purple. Their love of dark, faux wood effect furniture was apparent in every home across the nation. Their interiors were unapologetically bold and brash. At first glance the furniture looked as though it shouldn’t work together with each piece individually fighting for attention. However, although unlikely, the flowing lines and clean shapes merged together to form a room which was built for comfort and uncompromising style.

In recent years the classic fifties style is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Whether that be because people have grown tired with living in monotonous white boxes, where minimalism comes at the cost of showcasing your personal style. Or that colour is becoming more accepted for being cool. People are more excited by patterns, shapes and textures, people are beginning to feel brave and aren’t afraid to try something different.

Embracing the post war revival, the Retro collection brings the fifties era to the forefront of modern design.

Taking influence from Christian Dior's 'The New Look' and voluminous dresses creating hourglass shapes, the classic boomerang pattern is heavily influenced by statement shapes, bold blue hues, splashes of rich coral and acidic lemon, with glimmers of soft grey and teal. The colourful designs have been enhanced with a complimenting Scandinavian colour palette heavily influenced by nature to bring a modern edge.

Style your home the retro way with our RETRO & REVIVAL wallpapers, two designs across eight dynamic colourways. Accessorise with cushions and soft furnishing in pops of yellow or rose pink.

If you're not quite ready to embrace the fifties look just yet, why not paint in rich infinity blue. Add highlights of fringe and peach for a subtle nod to this iconic trend. Keep your woodwork light to keep it fresh and modern, accessorise with layered framed posters propped up on shelves instead of hung. Add texture with a thick pile rug underneath a coffee table adorned with an array of nick-knacks and beautiful books. Before you know it you’ll have created your own retro oasis!

Celebrate your style, celebrate colour and texture. Celebrate iconic British Heritage and celebrate design.