The Brian Eno Collection


As part of our 70th anniversary celebration, we've partnered with one of the most influential icons of the music and arts world to launch an eclectic capsule collection of two wallpaper designs based upon the extensive Graham & Brown archives. 


The distinctive 'Mask Series' by Brian Eno reflects the artist's own unique style through a sequence of abstract shapes and layering, based on his original artistic creations and utilising Graham & Brown's own iconic patterns to create two new and unique designs. The series recalls the era of abstract expressionism and features a dramatic and seemingly spontaneous graphic print enhanced by bold colours and creating geometric patterns that generate the movement and theatre of music.
"Graham & Brown has a rich pedigree of engaging with artists and designers across the arts and we were drawn to Brian Eno for his collaborative reputation, innovative approach to artworks and installations and his propensity for bringing the design to life has been the driving force behind such a creative collection."
Alan Kemp, Head of Brand Marketing at Graham & Brown
"I think of wallpaper as ambient painting - an area of interior design that changes the atmosphere in a room. I really responded to classic floral designs and also those with West African roots from Graham & Brown's archive, resulting in a dynamic layering of pattern to create the collection - a kind of music to be played on walls."
Brian Eno, Artist & Musician


Flower Mask 1


Consists of three original Graham & Brown archive pieces mixed with several Eno creations, with layered with omissions to create a design with movement over a clean white background. 


Flower Mask 2


Hidden within the wallpaper are several original Graham & Brown archive pieces mixed with Eno originals, fused and coloured to generate a stunning montage that transitions from a complex maelstrom of pattern up close to a simpler gentler texture as you step away from the wall.