How to Transform Your Nursery into a Whimsical Wonderland

Every child dreams to live in a whimsical wonderland. The dream comes to life with the right mix of bold colors, friendly designs, soft textured accessories and decorations. And it all begins with nursery wallpaper.

Every child dreams to live in a whimsical wonderland. The dream comes to life with the right mix of bold colors, friendly designs, soft textured accessories and decorations. And it all begins with nursery wallpaper.

Chic wallpaper marks the highlight of modern nursery décor. As a parent, you’re tasked with creating a stimulating and happy environment your child can grow up to love. Feeling the pressure to choose wallpaper super specific for a baby? Relax. The right print can grow with your little one.

You want a nursery print somewhere between imaginative and grown-up — something not too sugary sweet or trendy — to last through all stages of childhood. Nearly endless design options make the task seem daunting. Consider our guide to get started.

Stay safe with foliage

Discover the eternal magic of lush floral nursery wallpaper. It’s whimsical but not too baby specific, which means you can effortlessly transform a nursery into an office or guest room (perfect for when the baby grows older) without changing the art on the walls. Traditional white and green does the trick. For an extra whimsical feel, consider a mix of mint, coral and gray.

Enjoy the mountain views

Cool, minimalist and super trendy. Inspire a budding explorer and bring one of nature’s most majestic views into your baby’s space. The adventure themed nursery featuring whimsical yet magnificent mountain tops encourages kids to explore the world, reach for the sky and always dream big.

Bring the mountain tops to life with pastel colors and playful patterns. Toned colors work best, including teals, blues and grays. Complement the modern and stylish nursery décor with rustic wood furniture and woodland animal accents. And marvel as a picturesque mountain scene makes a room of any size feel more spacious and clean.

Let the blues bloom

Few colors capture the essence of gender neutral quite like blue. And beautiful blooms create sweet disposition. The print and color together strike the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Accessorize with baby animal print to bring out the best of blue blooms. Try a fun floral design on a classic blue backdrop.

Delight with black and white

Glamorous, chic and naturally rustic. Put a grown-up spin on whimsical woods. Let majestic black and white woodland scenes transform your nursery into a charming and stylish space.

Create a peaceful and serene yet dramatic forest scene with a soft and neutral color palette. Fill the room with any color you wish. Introduce furniture and décor of any style. Gold and crystal accents shine the brightest against a black and white backdrop.

Set the mood with dark florals

Dark and dramatic black florals make the walls pop with star power. Make a statement with a style best described as exciting, bold and seriously moody.

Dark florals create a sensational backdrop behind a rich wooden crib. Select gorgeous blush pink with grey to make a girl’s room feel like a fairy garden.

Work wonders with watercolor

Find feminine flair in every roll of super popular water colored floral wallpaper. Pastels add a perfect touch in a blush pink little girl’s nursery. Experiment with funky designs on a striking pink colorway. For bonus points, pair a white crib, beautifully beaded chandelier and faux sheep skin rug.

Harness multi-colored print to capture a winning combination of soft, stylish, natural and earthy vibes. Watercolor creates a professional touch to pull the whole room together.

Introduce the signature charm of hand-painted watercolor succulents or the trendy cactus we see all over Instagram and Pinterest. Embrace watercolor nursery wallpaper for a boho or southwestern theme.

Get inspired by paradise

Lush and full of life, tropical flower wallpaper puts the “Wow!” into your nursery. It’s playful yet sophisticated, designed to add a little imagination and a touch of whimsy. Dress the whole room with eye-catching allure or tone it down with an accent wall.

For a distinct island flavor inspired by paradise, opt for bold, bright and sunny floral print in shades of pink, green and yellow. Pair the nursery wallpaper with clean white furnishings and other pops of white to create tropical nirvana.

Embrace the animal within

Create a look befitting a wild child with animal wallpaper. Bight and bold colors bring animals to life while playful patterns and punchy prints set the space apart from the rest.

Go for loud, look-at-me tones whether you fancy zebras, rhinos, owls or elephants. Nestle a large stuffed animal (perhaps a giraffe or hippo) in the corner of the room for a nice, playful touch — which doubles as company for your baby at nap time.

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