unique hallway paint ideas

To Brighten Up Your Home

People often forget about their hallways when they're decorating their home, but it's the first thing people see. While you don't spend much time relaxing or working in your hallway, it's still a centrepiece of your home and should be an inviting space.

We've put our heads together and came up with some ideas to make a statement with your hallway. Here they are.

Let The Sun Shine Into Your Hall

Hallways don't get much natural daylight which means they can seem quite dark and depressing in the winter. The great thing about painting your hallway is you can brighten it up and make it a more welcoming place.

We recommend going for yellow and orange tones to add some much-needed light to your walls. Try to choose tasteful colours that complement the rest of your home. Let's face it; nobody wants luminous yellow walls, so keep warming yellow tones. We recommend Tuscan Sunshine or Fineapple shades to brighten up your hallway.

Fineapple Tuscan Sunshine

Use Your Door Frames & Woodwork

One great way to add some colour to your hallway is to paint the door frames and skirting boards. Check out our guide on how to paint skirting boards. Most people don't want bold shades all over their walls, but by combining neutrals and statement colours, you can create an impactive look.

Choose a neutral shade for your hallway walls, such as buttercream or praline star. Then choose a darker shade for your door frames. For example, why not choose praline star for your walls and pair it with our oakville paint for the window frame and skirting?

You can choose any colours, which is the great thing about this technique. Just make sure you choose a neutral tone and pair it with a bolder colour.

Buttercream Praline Star

Easy on the Eyes

Some hallways have a naturally busy appearance - especially when you live in an old house. If you find that your stairs, doors and corners make your hallway seem like a chaotic environment, you can minimise the effect with pastel shades.

Pastels will lighten up your walls, but also soften the effects of a busy room. Why not try this bubble bath shade? They're also an excellent idea for hallways with a lot of clutter. Focus on a shade that compliments the rest of your home's interior and use furniture to create the right style statement.

If you prefer more traditional decor, then focus on whitewashed furniture and accessories. But if you're more contemporary, then go for blonde wood coat racks and console tables.

Bubble Bath

Mix it up

One of the best ways to make the most of your hallway is by combining different shades of the same colour. If you want to draw attention to pieces of artwork, then use a darker colour on that wall and lighter colours on the others.

You can also paint the area behind your console table a darker shade. The idea of this is to bring focus to specific areas but lighten your other walls to create a spacious feel. You can choose from a range of colours, but we recommend you don't go too dramatic.

Think about the way different shades make you feel because colour psychology is essential. Your hallway acts as the main transition point of your home, so decide whether you want it to be cheerful, relaxing or a statement piece for your visitors.

Use Wall Panelling

Wall panelling is an excellent way to add some character to your home without spending time and money on wallpaper. If you've got kids or pets, then it's likely they'll damage your wallpaper. But, wall panels are stylish, easy to maintain and you can paint them in a range of colours.

The contrasting technique is vital here, and there are lots of shades to choose from.

Friday Club

Paint Your Front Door

If you're looking for a quick fix to brighten up your hallway, then why not focus on the front door? It's one of the simpler hallway paint ideas, but just as effective as a complete paint job. Look at the colour of your walls and aim to go a couple of shades bolder.

What about using our slide paint shown in the the following picture?


Go Classical

Nothing screams classy like black and white, and it's a seriously under-rated look for your hallway. Imagine crisp white paint on your walls paired with deep black on your door frames and stairs. It looks terrific, and it gives your home a sophisticated element others will envy.

The Finish

So, those were our top unique hallway paint ideas to brighten up your interior. Remember, there's no right or wrong when it comes to colours, so think about the effect you want to create and the interior of your home.

Bright statement colours are popular choices, but pastels can be just as impactive when used correctly.

Looking for tips on how to paint your room now you have been inspired by some of these ideas? Why not check out our how to paint a room guide so you are ready to take on that project.