Colors that go with orange

The bright, summery tones of orange can bring lots of light and joy to your home when paired with the right decor. Find out which colors go best with orange.

What colours go with orange

Looking to create a room that’s bursting with color? Opt for orange. The perfect way to freshen up your home, this uplifting hue will instantly enliven any space. You may be wondering, what color goes with orange? It’s true that it can be a tricky tone to navigate, but there are plenty of colors that work beautifully with it. Ahead, find plenty of inspiration to help you master decorating with orange.

The psychology of the color orange

According to color psychology, orange can calm or energize depending on the hue you choose. The color is also known to promote wellness and a feeling of happiness. As it’s generally a warming tone, orange can be used to create a cozy living room. And there's no better place than the bathroom to take a chance with color.

Orange color schemes

Whether you prefer vibrant citrus or soft, earthy terracotta, using shades of orange in your home can really pay off. Choosing the right hues to complement your shade will ensure a cohesive color scheme. To get you started, here are five of our favourite colors to use with orange…


Create a room that’s full of energy with a combination of blue and orange. As they sit directly opposite each other on the color wheel, they balance each other perfectly. Shades of blue paired with vibrant orange are ideal for a child's room or modern living space. Try offsetting navy or indigo furniture and accessories with our Barcelona paint. Blending yellow tones with hints of red, you can’t go wrong with this muted, versatile shade of orange. 

Blue & Orange Wallpaper


Whether you’re planning on upgrading your cooking space or ensuring your entrance makes a stunning first impression, orange and cream are the colors to decorate with. Not only does orange play up this versatile neutral, but a warm, saturated hue will instantly elevate a pared-back space. As there’s no faster and simpler way to update your room than with a fresh lick of paint, look to our Sweet Potato Pie color for your orange fix.


Considering a room refresh? Navy and orange is a punchy color pairing that feels bold and modern. As these colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel, they complement each other perfectly. When used together, orange’s warmth will balance out the coolness of navy. Try teaming navy blue with a deep, rusty orange like our Sundance paint.

Navy & Orange Wallpaper

Mustard yellow

Bring energy into your interior with shades of burnt orange and mustard yellow. Together, these two tones create a warm color scheme and are ideal for inviting spaces, such as your living room or a guest bedroom.

Mustard & Orange Wallpaper

Chocolate brown

If you prefer a softer take on this typically vivid color, opt for earthy, warm tones of orange and pair them with chocolate brown. Better still, choose a soft, peachy shade with yellow undertones like our St Clements paint. Whether you use it in a narrow hallway or a spacious dining area, this tone teams well with dark brown hues. Prefer a 70s-inspired vibe? Accent a burnt orange and brown color palette with a touch of terrazzo pattern.

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