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Tiru is inspired by the Kabuki trend. (A classical Japanese drama-dance, which showcases a bold, avant-garde colour palette). Taken from the backdrop of the Tori teal wallpaper, Tiru is a serene metallic teal paint.

Graham & Brown paints are exquisitely matt, five star rated by our customers and come in several finishes and effects.

Our Story

Graham & Brown was established in 1946 by two dear friends Harold Graham and Henry Brown. With a severe shortage of paper following the war, Henry & Harold procured a large supply of surplus metallic paper, a surface printer and an embossing machine and started a wallpaper revolution! The company grew quickly and prospered until the energy crisis of the Korean war in the early 1950's and the tragic early death of Harold Graham at 39. Henry Brown, determined to keep their dream alive, appointed Harold's brother Herbert as Director and the business moved on.