Wallpaper & Fashion Through the Decades


Our journey through the ages begins in the 1950s when wardrobes were brimming with sling back stilettoes and ballet skirts in pastel shades. In terms of prints, it was floral designs that were taking center stage in this era. If you want to add a little 50s chic to your home this season, we have a number of wallpaper designs to help you revive your favourite trends from this decade.


The 70s era was known for its popular psychedelic prints and bright gaudy shades. In the world of fashion, trends such as bell bottom jeans and platform wedges not to mention jumpsuits in bold colours and fabrics were emerging. In many ways our Funky Floral wallpapers embodies everything the 70s was about with its geometrical designs and vibrant colour scheme.



90s fashion was all about mood rings and ripped jeans and the grunge trend was going strong. In the world of interior décor, neutral tones were having a moment. Our Calico Natural Wallpaper very much mirrors the trends of this time with a nude colour palette. In terms of prints, the 90s went by in a flurry of florals with vibrant two-tone designs stealing the spotlight. Our Northern Rose Blue & Pink Wallpaper is one way to recreate the look.


Currently, we’ve moved on from neutral shades to embrace colour and statement prints this season. London Fashion Week has highlighted a number of new fashion trends and micro florals are set to cause quite a stir in the coming months. Florals are always on trend but the latest trend features petite sprigs rather than the elaborate florals we have seen in recent months.


We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. Fashion and home décor often go hand in hand and so when you are picking out wallpaper designs for your home, why not let the latest fashion trends influence your choices or take inspiration from your favourite decade.