The Curio Trend


This is a very quirky trend with influences from far off lands mixed with very British details. The feel is that of cosy familiar with time worn objects or handed down antiques creating a warm comforting backdrop with country gent style fabrics. If you dare to look closer you will begin to see objects and patterns that will slightly jar and unnerve you. Things will become curiouser and curiouser….   
Micro geometrics, checks and stripes are combined to clash and add confusion. This has been seen on the catwalk – here we see MCQ Alexander Mc Queen Fall Winter 2014 

Also seen on the Graham & Brown catwalk this season…

Plaid from the Superfresco Fabric Collection

Too add to the confusion with pattern the trompe l’oeil effect is back with the unnerving effects of things being at all what they seem. Three dimensional images are flat upon closer inspection, soft tactile looking objects are hard and vice versa. Optical effects and clever techniques all add to the confusing illusion.

Checker from Superfresco Easy Shape & Form Collection

Add to this mixture some intricate detailing with lace cut outs that only partially reveal what lies beneath and super embellish with rich brocades to give a semi-precious feel.

Jewel from Julien MacDonald

The floral element of this trend has its own dark secrets with an edgy spin of dark dramatic backgrounds that give both an antique feel and heighten the colours palette. We are still seeing beautifully painted flowers, birds and butterflies for this trend but also a few insects are creeping into this area – eeek!

Flower Bouquet printed canvas from Graham & Brown

We all love a good story and the fluid swirly lines of hand crafted calligraphy give this curious tale a happy ending with mixed up lettering of different typography and sizes being a key look in this area.

Concrete Script form Graham & Brown
Precious tones of navy, mauve, fuchsia, emerald and chartreuse bring a regal but eccentric feel to this palette.
Metallics are the core colours to the curio palette providing a rich luxurious base to bring harmony to the unusual combinations of the trendier colours.
A very curious trend indeed that will intrigue and delight those who dare to venture into the wonderful world of pattern and colour. Let the story begin….