It’s trend time again, and this one is fun. Our newest trend for 2015 is Eureka. It’s time to bring out the inventor in you and get creative. It has the brightest colours and the most nostalgic roots taking you back in time.
The best part of this trend is the colours. It takes on all the colours of the rainbow, so there really is no restriction here, the only key is colour blocking. Using definite lines and shapes will organise bright colours and create beautiful, bold statements in your room. Try using a bold stripe-like or motif on a single wall (or more if you’re daring enough!). A more subtle alternative is to brighten up a neutral wall with a bright piece of wall art. Imagine your room is an old black & white movie, let’s bring it to life!
Eureka also lets us take a step back in time to what used to be new. It gives us an opportunity to appreciate and remember things that once changed the world.  If retro is your things then our star wars wallpaper and wall art is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane or to a galaxy far, far away! 

This trend is also a great opportunity to unleash your inner creator. Allow yourself to invent something yourself and get the family involved. Our frames wallpaper will give you a canvas to draw memories or even stick photos from your past on your chosen wall.
For an immediate statement we also have some really cool pieces of wall art that will literally light up your room.

Although you might think this trend lends itself to a child’s room or a fun living room, it can also be really fun for your kitchen. For something less committal we have a fun wall art alternative called dinnertime!

So use this trend to have a bit of fun and unleash your inner inventor. Use it as a chance to organise and brighten. The rules are minimal and the opportunities are endless!