Inside the studio

Maryanne Cartwright

Studio Manager

Paula Taylor

Senior Stylist & Trend Specialist

Jody Hudson


At Graham & Brown creating wallpaper is an artisanal process with the human touch at its very heart. Artworks are hand drawn or hand-painted in the Graham & Brown studio by a team of multi-talented surface pattern artists. These artworks can take several days to create, and every creation is carefully archived so it can be drawn upon in the future.

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From these artworks, designs are manipulated, colored and separated, utilising both commercial and specialist software applications.

Completed artworks are then digitised and separated into layers that allow for the design to be manipulated during the printing process. For example, the petals of a floral design might be printed by one cylinder, leaves by another. Multiple color combinations can be formulated at the point of creation, they may even be re-colored at a later date to reflect changing tastes in color.

Colors are mixed by eye from just four base pigments by the Graham & Brown color experts. Perfect color vision is essential and is identified using the Munsell vision test, which measures superior color analysis. It is an art watching someone match the color of a reference piece in moments from these base materials, their eye for color, and years of experience.

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All designs and colors are then tested by “proofing” samples of the design as mini-sections of wallpaper. This can be done using CAD (Computer Aided Design) or via the hand-operated proof presses which replicate the production process on the factory floor.

The wallpaper design is then shared with the production teams in the factory, along with the color ‘pots’ from which the bulk inks are replicated for the machine’s print run.

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