Wallpaper FAQs

Buying Guide

What are the advantages of using wallpaper over paint?

How do I know what type of wallpaper is right for my project?

What type of wallpaper works best for kitchens and bathrooms?

Can I use wallpaper on any wall?

What type of paste should I use?

What is the difference between paste-the-wall, paste-the-paper and pre-pasted wallpaper?

Do I need to order extra wallpaper for a pattern repeat?

What else can I wallpaper besides my walls?

How do I know how much wallpaper I need?



'Pattern Repeat'

'Design Match'

'Offset Match'

'Straight Match'

'Free Match'


What tools will I need for my project?

How do I prep my walls?

What is the difference between 'priming' and 'sizing'?

How do I cut the wallpaper for each strip?

How do I overlap the seams when hanging wallpaper?

How do I trim the excess wallpaper?

How do I avoid wallpaper seams showing or separating?

How do I avoid bubbles and creases in my wallpaper?

How long will it take for my wallpaper to dry?

Paintable Wallpaper

What type of paint can be used on our paintable wallpaper?

How paintable wallpaper need to be primed?

How long do I have to wait before I can paint?

Do I have to paint the paintable wallpaper?

Care & Maintenance

Do I have to paint the paintable wallpaper?