How to Paint Stripes on your Walls


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If you want to switch up your home décor, stripes are a trendy way to update a tired room. If you are thinking about painting stripes on your wall, follow our step by step guide to successfully achieving the look.


What You’ll Need


To get the look, you will need a number of basic painting tools including a ladder, a paint roller and a paint tray. In addition to this you will need painters tape to ensure the stripes are perfectly straight. Lastly, you will need a couple of tins of high quality paint, we recommend you choose one shade in matt and one shade in semi gloss.


The Method


The first step to painting stripes on your walls is to determine the exact design you wish to replicate. For example, are you leaning towards slim stripes or wide stripes and do you prefer horizontal stripes or vertical stripes? When settling on a design, take into consideration a number of factors including the size and shape of the room you are painting. Stripes have the power to transform a room but choose the wrong design and you could make a small room feel even more cramped or a large room even more empty.  


Once you have decided on a design and gathered the tools required for the job, it’s time to get down to the actual task in hand, painting the stripes on your walls. Begin with a base coat (choose the lighter of the two colours you have chosen) and don’t forget to leave adequate time for this to dry before you begin stage two. Once the base coat is dry, it’s time to split up the wall space into sections and mark out the places where your stripes will be. Stripes can be anywhere from 4 and 12 inches wide and it is wise to start on a wall that is the least visible. Next use the tape to create the outline for your stripes and paint the stripes with the colour you have chosen to contrast with your base colour.


Choosing Colour Combinations


Choosing the perfect colour for your wall stripes is perhaps the easiest part of the process. To make the process simpler, read on to discover our top three colour combinations.


Grey and White


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Timeless and classic, grey and white stripes add a touch of class to any space. For this look, we recommend our matt Pearl paint combined with our Boutique paint.


Blue and Ivory


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Another colour combination that works well in both classic and contemporary style home is our Moonlight paint and our Laguna paint.


Follow the tips above to make painting stripes on your wall simple.