How to Paint Chairs

Taylor’s Grey 09-616, Princess to be 09-141, Hurst Green 09-622, Kelly’s Taupe 09-482,
Harold’s Grey 09-619, Plantation Rose 09-632

Finding accessories to match your chosen wallpaper or colour scheme can be tricky. One way to get the perfect match you are looking for is to roll your sleeves up and paint your furniture. Our Platinum paint collection is durable, hardwearing and suitable for use on wood as well as your walls, so is ideal for the job. We’ve had a go at transforming wooden chairs and it is a lot easier to do than you would think. Here’s how  . . .

Firstly you need to prep the chairs. This is the tedious part of the process but is essential to ensure you get a great end result. Wash the chairs with a cloth dipped in soap and water to remove any dust or dirt. Then use sand paper to create a smooth surface for painting. The more you put into this part of the job, then the better your finished chair will be, so it’s well worth the effort.

Next we need to prime the wooden surface. Any wood or universal primer will suffice and there is a wide range
available from leading DIY retailers. Prime according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you are ready for the fun part. 




Taylor’s Grey 09-616, Princess to be 09-141, Hurst Green 09-622
Pendle Witch 09-635, Kelly’s Taupe 09-482, Hoorn Blue 09-624

Choose a paint colour to match your wallpaper or that complements your chosen colour scheme. You can have fun by combining colours on one chair in stripes or by painting the seat one colour and the back another to create something unique to you.
Place the chair on a drop cloth or dusting sheet to protect the surface below from any paint drops. Stir the paint thoroughly before applying and use a brush that is small enough for those tricky, hard to reach areas. We found that turning the chair upside down and painting the legs first gets the best results. When you’ve painted the legs, stand it upright and paint the rest of the chair. Allow to dry and repeat with any additional coats as required.

Our Platinum paint colours provide a flat matt finish that is durable, but it is also possible to use other paints from the Kelly Hoppen range. For these paints, you will need to apply a protective clear coat after painting. These are available in can or spray from all leading DIY retailers. Use according to the manufacturer’s instructions and allow to dry before being tempted to sit down for a rest!

If you are feeling really adventurous, why not take a matching piece of wallpaper and apply it to the seat before using a clear varnish over the top. This will create a truly unique piece of furniture, hand crafted by you.



Princess to be 09-141, Pendle Witch 09-635, Harold’s Grey 09-619,  Hoorn Blue 09-624,
Lille Pink 09-633, Plantation Rose 09-632
Taylor’s Grey 09-616, Plantation Rose 09-632, Princess to be 09-141, Harold’s Grey 09-619,
Hurst Green 09-622, Kelly’s Taupe 09-482

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