The Popsicle Trend

2015 is now in full swing. Christmas seems like a distant memory and the faint glimmer of spring is starting to become a little clearer. Here at Graham & Brown we think it’s time to share with you our second trend of the year, Popsicle.
Popsicle is the fun, quirky one, and the one that allows you to add a little bit of colour to your home. As always we have plenty of hints and tips to help you tackle your new look, here it goes…
This trend is all about colour and using it playfully in your home, and one way to do this without over-facing yourself is with gradual tones. We’ve all heard of ombre on our heads, well it’s also perfect for our homes too. Colours that fade in and out of each other, creating soft and subtle illusions. If you want something bold and easy then why not go for a brightly colored stripe? We have even created an ombre for you, Waterfall comes in loads of different colours and all you need to do is hang it. 
You can also embrace the gradual tones with beautiful wall art and cushions. Our dreamscapes collection comes in the most wonderful colours that are sure to add a touch of bright to any room.
When using colour with this trend is doesn’t just have to be gradients and pastels, it can be bold brights too. If you really want to make an impact in a room then a mix of layered colours is the way to do it. Using flat colours layered through your walls, curtains, furniture and accessories creates depth. Choose 3 or 4 colours and use them all over. If you want something more focused then try some wall art from our neon collection on a brightly decorated wall, simple yet effective.
There is an optional, final element of Popsicle that you can embrace. Shiny, holographic details are what make this trend stand out from the rest. Mirrors and reflection can also make a room seem much bigger and brighter, and the good thing is that you can incorporate this into your theme by using wallpaper with a touch of shine. Damask, stripe, floral or geometric, we have every metallic pattern you could want in loads of fun, bright colours, and if you want to really go for it, then you can also adorn your walls with our wall jewels.
Whether you are having small bursts of brights or creating a full room of radiant rainbow colours, remember that this trend is all about being playful and having fun.