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    Mineral Trend

    Of all the trends we have for this season the mineral trend is the most tranquil and calming of them all. It has the quality to sooth the most frayed of nerves and create an atmosphere of natural beauty.
    Taking its’ cue from nature this trend delves in to the earths treasure chest to unlock wonderful natural occurring patterns from rock strata, fossils and wood grain. Closely observing pattern and structure that can be overlooked by the casual onlooker the mineral trend highlights these organic lines and showcases them.
    Fossilised imagery with matt textures and hints of precious detailing will include organic leaf motifs and radiating lines.

    Weaves and knits add a cosy feel to this earthy look with scale and texture becoming chunky and tactile.

    Stripes take on ombre colouring to enhance the strata effect with layering details being key to this trend. Natural layers and stria effects are key with marbling lines, woodgrains and book matched details.

    Textures are raw and unfinished with an impression that they have just been mined from the earth’s core. These will delight the senses and invite you to touch every surface. 

    Organic stringy lines with plenty of lumps and bumps, chunky texture and matt effects are variegated to create depth and interest.

    A mineral home will have elements of these natural structures with soft layers of chunky knits in neutral tones.
    Trend colours include soft taupey neutrals, wood tones and charcoal with precious mineral glints of aqua and ultramarine. These flashes of colour from the ocean provide a glimpse of precious layers of luxury that nature can provide.
    The secret to tranquillity is at our disposal all we have to do is dig it out!

    Written by Paula

    Working on design and colour trends within the busy Graham & Brown studio I like to keep abreast of all new colour and design ideas that are emerging for the future seasons.