Coordinating with Cushions

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s vital that you have a cosy, warm sanctuary in which to curl up and relax. 
Although it may be dark and dreary outdoors, there’s plenty that you can do to create a beautiful, homely environment. You may think that once you’ve selected your wallpaper, flooring and soft furnishings, the job is done, but you couldn’t be more wrong. 
To pull off the perfect look, you need to think long and hard about different accessories and how they will complement your overall theme. Cushions are particularly effective when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your newly-decorated room. 
If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are a few cushion-related ideas for you to mull over. 
Big city life
We’ve all got a special location that evokes wonderful memories, so why not experience these every day by incorporating certain elements of your happy place into your home? 




NY Type Cushion and Snapshot Cushion shown above with Treasured Trickets Collecables frames in small, medium and large


New York is, as the Jay-Z song suggests, a “concrete jungle where dreams are made”, and is a magical city that is dear to so many people. You can introduce a little bit of the Big Apple to your living room by adding some of our NY Type Cushions, which will go nicely with a few pieces of tasteful NYC-themed wall art. 
A striking look

We’re not suggesting that you turn your living room into a luminous eyesore, but you definitely shouldn’t rule out the addition of some bright, bold colours. 




Our Neon Type Cushions are the perfect way to brighten up your room, allowing you to add a splash of colour without overdoing things. When decorating, you always need to play things slightly safe, as you don’t want to plaster your walls with all manner of bright wallpapers, only to realise further down the line that you can no longer enter the room without sunglasses. 
Colourful cushions enable you to contrast the neutral tones that you’ve used on your walls, which means you’ll strike a much better balance.
Make a statement, be inspired
When the weather does take a turn for the worse, many of us struggle to find the inspiration to get out and about. As such, it makes sense to introduce some cushions that carry motivational messages. 

Our Forget Rules Cushion will help you to remember not to take life too seriously. When accompanied with some stylish wall art and rustic furnishings, you can create a really quirky look. 
Just pretend it’s still summer 

At the height of winter, thoughts of sun-kissed beaches and stunning floral meadows seem a world away, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel down in the dumps. 


Take a look at our Meadow Cushion. With such an array of colours, you should have no problem when it comes to seamlessly fitting your accessories into the overall theme of your room. 
It’s often said that our surroundings have an impact on our moods, so you should never underestimate the importance of creating a bright, vibrant space within your home.  
Follow the vintage trend

Whether it’s clothing or interior design, people love to create a nostalgic look. 


Our Wooden Hearts Cushion is ideal for those who are trying to create a classic, vintage ambience in their home. Something that often gets overlooked by people decorating their property is texture. While this cushion is beautifully soft to touch, the impressive graphics create a very realistic wood effect, which means you can really have lots of fun when choosing furniture to fit in with your theme. 
Of course, cushions are just one type of accessory that can add a new dimension to your interior design plans. Mixing and matching furniture, flooring, wall art, ornaments and gadgets so that they all fit together gives you a real opportunity to showcase different elements of your personality. 
Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting!

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