The Making Of...


ur first collection launch of 2018 includes 6 stunning (if we may say so ourselves) incredibly liveable designs. Last year we experimented with huge florals, bold colourful geometrics and an array of beautiful damasks. We went BIG with our designs and we weren’t afraid to show it! You guys all absolutely loved our wallpapers, but we felt there was a little something missing from our collection, that’s where these 6 designs come to save the day! Betula, Botany, Insignia, Symmetry, Trelliage and Trinity.

The Betula Collection (bet-you-lah) Taking inspiration from the intricate details of a natural silver birch tree, Betula is strong, elegant and simplistic in form. Created by hand painting layers with metallic detailing to create a contrasting, distinct look.

We love this incredible textured wallpaper the finish is beautiful, and the intricate metallic highlights just lift the entire look! This paper would look stunning in any room in your home, but the blush colourway is perfect for creating a gorgeous backdrop to your bedroom. Layer silver and rose gold photo frames over this design to really make the metallic layering pop!

Jody our stylist for Graham & said, “Betula is very much about modernising organic textures & adding a touch of luxury. Inspired by natural stones, we have deconstructed a texture & built it back up into a beautiful miniature stripe layout, subtle and shimmering.”

The Botany Collection (bot-uh-nee) Sophisticated, delicate and feminine, Botany embraces strength, femininity and sensitivity. Layers of interwoven pattern and pure attention to detail combine to form an unexpected strength within Botany. Intertwined leaves are portrayed on an intricate patterned backdrop, highlighted with glimmers of iridescent or metallic detail.

The botany collection has a little surprise up its sleeve! The green and midnight colourways have a stunning iridescent element that is completely mesmerising to look at. It is subtle yet striking and only visible in certain lights, so don't worry its not too much! Style this design on all four walls or use it as a feature and combine it with one of our hand selected coordinating paints that match perfectly with the wallpaper!

Jody said of this design, “The inspiration originates from our G&B trend, trace. Trace is about precious elements and beauty found in organic structures. The small leaf trail is layered with shine and rich colour.”

The Insignia Collection (in-sig-nee-uh) Insignia embraces craftsmanship and expression. Hand painted allusive brushstrokes suggest natural wood grains with metallic inks on fibrous paper, to create a modern take on a traditional art form.

Geometrics are so hot right now! This geo panel design will bring interest and texture to any room that you hang it in. We would style this design with tonal complimenting accessories and use mirrors to bounce light and the beautiful pattern around the room.

When we spoke to Jody about Insignia she said, “This design is all about craftsmanship & expression, creating you own art. When creating this design, I was inspired by the idea of taking something expressive and giving it an element of uniformity & geometry. It was also chosen to be printed on fibrous which adds to the handmade feel.”

The Symmetry Collection (sim-uh-tree) Harmonious, beautifully proportioned and balanced, Symmetry partners matt detailing with metallic optical highlights, creating an opulent design. Symmetry celebrates the balance of elegance and power, through contrasting bold linear structures, softened with a delicate palette.

Symmetry offers a stunning optical illusion for the eye creating a soft linear ombre effect. This design immediately draws the eye upwards when used in a double height space such as a up a staircase or hallway and because of the gorgeous metallic aspect of the design it bounces light around the room!

Jody our G& stylist said, “This design has taken inspiration from modern architecture and the simple, yet effective symmetry is boasts. Creating a subtle optical illusion stripe that shimmers and adds depth to the wall.”

The Trelliage Collection (trel-ee-aazh) Taking inspiration from different architectures, Trelliage layers textured metallic paper with crystal beads, creating a beautiful, sophisticated look. Luxurious trellis detailing creates an elegant, yet understated finish.

A stunning beaded wallpaper, Trelliage oozes glamour and brings a touch of luxury and elegance to any home. In three stunning colourways Trelliage climbs your walls in the most romantic way. Beautiful structured shapes allow for a uniform appearance whilst the pearlescent background has a glimmer of lustre that elevates this simple yet stunning design! It is just enough on its own but don’t be afraid to layer mirrors and art over this design, it will only add to its character!

Jody said “Trelliage is very much inspired by architecture, but with a more classical feel. I imagined an old fretwork gate and the beautiful curvaceous structures it boasts. With a shimmer background finished with glistening beads it really will add a touch of luxury to any room.”

The Trinity Collection (trin-uh-tee) Trinity is the perfect celebration of femininity and power. Balancing layers of soft, elegant pastels with strong metallic geometric triangular structures creates a luxurious, liveable feel. Finding the hidden gems within, this intricate design fuses contrasting colours and patterns to create a subtle edgy effect.

Trinity, the power of three. This elegant geometric design can be used in any room in your home, it has a beautiful texture that exudes stylish glamour. This wallpaper is perfect for you to use on all four walls, it will add a beautiful texture whilst still being subtle enough to hang art on top of without detracting from the overall appearance of your room!

Jody said of her inspiration for the design “It is all about small hidden gems and finding beauty on a small scale. Imagine taking a precious stone and looking at it through a magnifying glass and exposing a new depth of natural geometrics.”