Getting to Know Sally Mackness


Even as I write this, I realise how incredible my ‘story’ of how I started to paint seems.  After having not painted since I was a young child.


Having a career in the world of advertising and marketing both in the UK and overseas for over 20 years, I had always worked within the creative fields, but my life changed one evening whilst watching a TV documentary about London’s Royal Academy of Art’s Summer exhibition in June 2015.


It was this light bulb moment that motivated me to head straight to an art shop, buy a mountain of materials and follow this overwhelming urge to paint.  A visit to the Royal Academy's summer exhibition a few days later further cemented this previously hidden passion & absolute need to paint.


It was an extraordinary time: the flood gates had opened in my head and in those early days I barely slept and was completely and totally emerged in creating hundreds of paintings.  Soon I began posting my work on my various social media accounts and almost immediately I was asked to sell the work I was creating.


From the earliest pieces, I felt driven by colour and I instinctively expressed many of my ideas through abstract expressionism.  My work is bold and bright, always in acrylics, often abstracts: but it has been my floral pieces that have created the most interest.  My poppy paintings led me to working with The Royal British Legion during 2016, ultimately painting 1,560 original poppies raising money for the poppy appeal.


I live my with my young family on the Dorset/Hampshire border working from a home studio where the inspiration for work is endless, having both the natural beauty of the New Forest and the stunning coast on my doorstep.  The space is filled with many dramatic and colourful works, from sunsets and powerful abstracts of nautical scenes, to a multitude of varying sized floral images.   


There is no denying that my business skills have helped build exposure for my work over recent months:  I am very proud to express how successful creativity, coupled with business acumen, can be, but there is no denying that I have never worked harder.


Customers have bought from all over the world, with particular interest from private collectors in New York.  A real honour has been exhibiting work as a permanent display at The British Consulate in Manhattan.


RecentlyI have been developing and launched my new textile range which includes cushions, throws and fabric products. 




I am absolutely thrilled to have started working with Graham & Brown. From our very first meeting they showed such support and interest in my work, and I am honoured to be linked with such an established and respected name in the international home decor market.


My mind is working at a million miles per hour, with so many ideas I’d like to explore and develop in the coming months. Even at this early stage, Graham & Brown have shown huge belief in me, and for that I am incredibly humbled as well as hugely inspired to explore the many opportunities opening up for me both here and overseas.


I have never worked harder, never been more focused and driven about anything in my life before.  It’s incredibly exciting, but I feel this is only the beginning.


Browse the entire Sally Mackness collection. Including 12 unique, hand-painted frames with 7 Floral designs and 5 Abstract.