The Meiying Collection


irst there was Zen, now Meiying brings us a more delicate take on this striking colour trend. Inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossom, 'Meiying' comes from the meaning 'Beautiful Flower'. This wallpaper collection featured an ethereal floral design with a branch like finish that moves away from traditional bouquets seen on wallpaper. The modern colour pallete brings this wallpaper in to 2017 with stunning shades that make an impact on your walls.

Available in 6 colourways, Meiying features a luxurious fibrous paper finish that gives an organic feel to the look. With a contrasting metallic cherry blossom design that grows up your walls, adding light and design in to the room.

Meiying Teal

Meiying Saffron

Meiying Cobalt

Meiying Charcoal

Meiying Chalk

Meiying Pepper

The Meiying collection is also complemented by a range of currated home accessories including lighting, cushions and mirrors.