Interiors Trend Alert: Rose Gold & Copper

If you didn’t know that Rose Gold & Copper are the hottest metallics around at the moment then where have you been?

These warm, pink metals have become an instant hit within the world of interiors; whether you style them within an entire room or just add touches of gild, we’ve brought together the various ways you can style this trend including wallpaper and accessories.

Rose Gold & Copper Wallpaper

If, like us, you’re totally consumed by the Rose Gold & Copper trend, then Wallpaper is the perfect way to satisfy this. Ranging from full metallic takeovers like our Tranquil Rose Gold & Copper Wallpaper that provide an intense coverage of these shades on to your walls to prints like our Wallpaper of the Year Reflections Rose Gold which features geometric, triangular tiles of pure rose gold, Linden Black & Copper for a more intense and mature approach whilst remaining delicate with a beautiful branch design and another favourite of ours, the Marbled Charcoal & Rose Gold wallpaper which happens to be our Wallpaper of the Year for 2016.

Tranquil Rose Gold

Rose Gold & Copper Wallpaper

Linden Black & Copper

Rose Gold & Copper Wallpaper

Marbled Charcoal & Rose Gold

Rose Gold & Copper Wallpaper

Home Accessories

Rose Gold & Copper Accessories can add a luxurious and modern touch to your décor, no matter your style. Whether it be just a few pieces dotted around or you make it a key shade within your décor palette, we’ve picked a few of our favourite pieces you’ll also love in your home.

White and Copper Trunks & Brushed Copper Aviation Wall Clock & Geometric Diamond Easy Fit Pendant