5 Tips to Remember when Painting with Bright Colours


If you don’t want to play it safe with neutrals, make a statement with bright and beautiful paint shades. Painting with bright hues isn’t as straight forward as painting with neutrals but our handy guide will point out the key things to consider when using bold colours.



Opt for a Separate Primer


Choosing the perfect shade is one of the main focus points when painting with bright colours but while the colour is crucial, the key to a perfect finish is primer. It may be tempting to save time and money with a paint and primer in one, but a separate primer could be the difference between success and failure. Using a primer before painting your walls may take a little more time but it will significantly reduce the number of coats of paint you need in the long run.



Don’t Skimp on the Priming Process



The wall primer is one of the most important parts of painting your walls and this is not a step to skimp on. Apply at least two coats of primer especially if you are using a different colour to what you previously used. If you do not apply enough primer you may find that some flecks of the old paint show through. This is one step you won’t regret.



Consider Complementary Shades



Painting with bold shades can be fairly daunting and it is tempting to opt for the easy way out when it comes to choosing accent colours. However, while black and white shades are sure to match any bright shade, you could be limiting your room’s potential. Use a colour wheel to discover your options and dare to be different by experimenting with complementary colours.



Don’t Forget About Sun Exposure



Another consideration when painting with bright shades is how quickly the paint may fade due to sun exposure. Areas in your home prone to sun exposure could lead to faded patches and some colours do fade quicker than others. Reds, blues and greens are more prone to fading so keep this in mind when choosing your colours.



Allow a Settling in Period



If you have been used to neutrals and metallics, bright shades can be a shock to the system. Such a dramatic change can take quite a lot of getting used to so be prepared to give yourself time to get used to it.


So, there you have it, five things to remember when painting with bright colours.