Our Top Three Summer Décor Trends

Is your home in need of a style refresh? If you are decorating your home this summer, here’s just a few of our favourite seasonal décor trends that are guaranteed to inspire. From animal-inspired wall art to rose gold accents, we’ve got you covered. 

Tribal Inspired 

Tribal inspired décor is a bold statement for any homeowner, but this trend is more versatile than you could ever imagine. Tribal inspired prints conjure up images of bold zig zags, diamond shapes and earthy tones, but you can be as subtle as you like when incorporating this trend into your home interior. Our crocodile white wallpaper is a classically elegant option that boasts a subtle tribal vibe and croc-print design. You don’t have to completely change your interior design scheme to update it with the latest trends. Our animal themed wall art allows you to give any room an ethnic feel, and features an array of charming wildlife canvases. Dot them around your home to infuse each room with a tribal look or hang them together to create a focal point in one particular room. 

Palm Prints 

There has been an influx of tropical-inspired prints on the home decoration scene this season, so it’s no surprise that palm prints have made it into our top three summer trends. Not for the faint hearted, palm prints are a statement trend for the fearless. If a complete décor haul is what you have in mind, this trend is for you. Our Honolulu Palm Green wallpaper provides a simple way to incorporate this popular trend into your home. This striking wallpaper design features glitter elements that catch the light and offers a sophisticated take on the tropical trend. 

Rose Gold Accents


If daring details aren’t your style, the rose gold trend is one of the simplest trends to experiment with and will be easy to work into your existing interior style. When it comes to colour trends in 2016, rose gold is taking centre stage. Metallic designs are always going to be on trend regardless of the season but rose gold is a key colour to incorporate into any updates you make. Our rose gold Linden Pebble wallpaper is the ideal update for a tired bedroom. For a fresh colour palette that will add a touch of style to any room, rose gold walls are a must. 
So there you have it, three chic summer home interior trends to try this season.