Expert Design Tips for Hanging Wall Art in the Home

There’s no better way to express your personality than by choosing artwork that will adorn your walls, and creating a personal collection is a wonderful opportunity to highlight your unique style. The first step, of course, is to choose the pieces that speak to you and draw you in. But once you’ve identified the wall art you love, how do you go about displaying them to the best of their advantage?

Well, if your walls are crying out for a little bit of love, then our post today will give you some tips on a few different ways you can display wall art to help bring your room to life.

The Single Statement

For an incredibly simple but effective display, why not let your piece take centre stage?

Hanging Wall Art

This works best on single large-scale pieces of wall art that really command attention, like our Watercolour Woods Printed Canvas which creates a single point of focus in a room. Try pulling other accessories or soft furnishings into the rest of your space that complement the colour scheme of the artwork to tie everything together - and let that large piece do all the work to create a real wow factor!

The Complimentary Duo

Hanging Wall Art

Our Seed Head Metallic Framed Art is the perfect example of two complimentary pieces that marry beautifully. Hang your duo fairly close together to create a purposeful look – you don’t want more than around 10cm between them so that to the eye, they become a single style statement. For a larger room, consider using the negative space as part of the whole and hang them slightly to the left or right of a piece of furniture to create an eclectic look.

The Gallery Wall

And finally, if you have a few smaller pieces that you love, why not create a gallery wall?

Hanging Wall Art

Hang the largest in your collection first and then work out from the centre to create a grouping that has the most visual appeal. For a symmetrical display, the main wall art can be at the centre with smaller pieces of art at equal distances around it. Our series of embellished fabric canvases create a wonderfully calm collection with just enough sparkle to create an impactful display. For asymmetrical galleries, be sure to include 1-2 larger scale pieces, hanging these first and then group your smaller pieces around them.

Our top tips? The easiest way to create an effective gallery wall is to first trace around each piece onto newspaper or kraft paper, cut out the resulting shapes and using bluetack, hang the templates on the wall, moving them around until you find the best combination for your wall art display.

Don’t get hung up on hanging, either. To inject a more casual and calm atmosphere into the room, consider leaning your wall art like our wooden wall art on a shelf or up against a wall (if it’s a particularly large/tall canvas).

So hopefully with our tips today, your chosen wall art can now be displayed confidently and with pride!