Eco Wallpaper, Eco Paints

Loving Home: Loving our Planet


With the climate debate raging, we are rightfully proud of being a responsible manufacturer who works tirelessly to manage our impact on the environment both globally, and locally. We’ve taken this approach for over seventy years.

We make products, so naturally energy and materials are consumed so we know we can make a big difference in small ways.

We use around 23,000 tonnes of paper each year. That’s a lot of trees. Yet all of our paper pulp comes from managed forests.

This means that for every tree we use three more are planted. Amazingly, our paper mill is based in 10 square kilometres of forest and as trees are used and replenished the cycle to go around the forest once takes ten years. Our paper literally grows on trees!

For every tree we use, three more are planted.

Even the machinery used in the forest runs on biodegradable fuel, so any leaks do not damage the eco system on the forest floor.


When the paper hits our purpose-built factory the process of efficient manufacture begins. We are accredited with ISO14001 which means we are deemed as a ‘low-risk’ to the environment.

We use water-based inks and paint, which are known to be less harmful for the environment to produce VOC free product.

Any pollutants produced during manufacture are ‘burnt-off’ in an incinerator. The heat produced during this process is not wasted but recycled within the production process. Who knew all that hot air could be so useful?

Who knew all that hot air could be so useful!

Since the early eighties Graham & Brown has been separating production waste to ensure that paper is re-pulped, and all white spirits are recovered from any liquid waste.

100% of our cardboard packaging is made from recycled or managed sources. Each carton is made from a minimum 70% recycled card and 30% sustainably sourced pulp.

Whilst we hold stock of the paint on our colour card - our extended range of paint is made to order – and all water based – with low VOC. This means that we don’t need to carry as much stock, and material usage is managed tightly further reducing waste.

Our purpose-built distribution centre has all its environmental impacts managed from motion sensor lighting (only need to be on if someone is in that pick location), to managing rainwater into the river network.

Graham & Brown minimise energy consumption where possible and coordinate dispatch & route planning, keep transport impact to the absolute minimum. Internationally we have warehousing in the US, Holland and Australia to ship in bulk and avoid unnecessary air freighting.

Quality as Standard

It’s reassuring to know that the product in your hand has not only been crafted with passion but has been produced as sustainably as we possibly can with current technologies, and safe in the knowledge that as technology develops, we apply it to our processes.

Equal to our commitment to the environment is our commitment to Quality. All Graham & Brown wallpapers are produced to the highest standards. One roll from every batch of wallpaper made in the factory is hung onto the walls in our quality control department. This ensures that the colour is consistent, that the print has been produced correctly and most importantly that the wallpaper hangs and removes easily.

This dedication to quality probably makes this the most decorated wall in Britain.

Don’t just take our word for it, 93% of our customers think our products are really easy to hang, and 92% are delighted with our quality. All the feedback we receive goes into making the products and experience better for the next customer.