Our Favourite Wall Mural Ideas

Find your perfect single wall display

One of the simplest and most effective ways to create a statement feature wall in your home is by using a wall mural. Murals let you amp up the atmosphere in any room without overwhelming the space, and they often depict an entire image rather than a repeating motif. This makes them perfect for a single wall display.

Here at Graham & Brown, we sell a range of wall murals featuring many different designs. That’s why we’ve decided to write about our favourite wall mural ideas - to help you find the perfect match for your home and aesthetic.

Floral wall mural

Floral wall murals are the perfect way to add bold and feminine flare to a room. Many of our floral murals bring out intense colours and intricate detailing, making them a striking addition to your home. If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to interior design, there are few better options than our Masterpiece Mural or our Venetian Floral Verde Mural. These both take classic features of floral patterns and amplify them to beautiful effect. We think they’re perfect for feature walls in your living room.

Masterpiece Mural
Venetian Floral Verde Mural

Cityscape wall mural

It’s natural to sometimes wish that you could get out of the house...but at the same time not want to leave your bed. So why not invite the outside world in with one of our cityscape wall murals? Designs like our Streets of Brooklyn Mural are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and even home offices. We especially recommend them to anyone who prefers a more pared back and monotone colour scheme, but still wants to have a truly eye-catching feature wall.

Streets of Brooklyn Mural

Wood-effect wall mural

These days, it doesn’t matter what your walls are made of - if you want classic wood panelling, you can have classic wood panelling. Or at least, you can get very close. Our Colour Block Panelling Mural creates a highly realistic wood-effect, and its bold but simple pattern means it can fit easily with most design schemes. Alternatively, there’s the sophisticated Ornate Panelling Mural, which comes in a subtle and unobtrusive grey. Both of these murals find a natural home in the dining room, adding a sense of occasion and grandeur without being overly flashy.

Colourblock Panelling Mural
Ornate Panelling Mural

Gallery-effect wall mural

National Portrait Gallery

Have you ever considered turning a wall in your home into your very own private gallery? Even better, have you thought about achieving this without having to hang or buy a single picture? If you’re an art fanatic but don’t have the time to create a personalised gallery wall, we have the perfect solution with our range of National Portrait Gallery murals. These murals allow you to welcome beauty and culture into your home and make for a stunning talking point.

Jungle wall mural

If you’re a lover of nature and colour, you should absolutely take a look at our jungle wall murals. The Botanique Jungle Mural comes in four stunning colour palettes, featuring mustard yellows, deep reds, fresh greens and navy blues. Or, if you love the jungle theme but want to keep the tones muted, we have the gorgeous and understated Paradise Jungle Sketch Mural. This design uses a range of grey shades to create a cool backdrop that will still have you thinking of hot days in the tropics.

Botanical Jungle Mural
Paradise Jungle Mural

Sky wall mural

If you want to add a bit of drama to your decor, we have to recommend our Vintage Cloud Mood murals. Coming in a range of colours, from sweet and fanciful candy floss pinks to moody storm blues, this mural certainly creates atmosphere. We think these are great options for a bedroom feature wall - after all, who doesn’t dream of sleeping under an open sky from time to time?

Skywall Mural

The Mural Gallery

Not everyone goes through life building a collection of prints and artworks that are going to look amazing in the living room. So if you’re keen on a gallery wall and want something to look great with minimal effort on your part, why not simply hang a mural? Graham & Brown teamed up with the National Portrait Gallery to create three bespoke gallery-style murals that bring the art world straight into your home.

If you’re looking for more ways to create unique feature walls in your home, why not take a look at some of our favourite gallery wall ideas?

Vintage Cloud Mural
Floral Mural