Transform your space with creative paint techniques.

Aloha & Bittersweet Paint

Aloha and Bittersweet Paint

Creative wall painting ideas can transform any room. With Paint, creative techniques, and original ideas the interior design in a home can be changed beyond recognition. Whether this is to create personalised living spaces which reflect modern trends in decorating and contemporary lifestyle, or to create an atmosphere that better reflects the resident's personality.

James Greenwood, Graham & Brown's Brand and Interiors Expert, has shared his tips:

Although paint is a great choice for a simple and fast makeover, it can also be used in creative ways to create spaces with more depth and intrigue.

Using two contrasting paint shades you can create zones within the home. We love using a pop of colour around archways to create a transition from one area to another. As our homes become increasingly multifunctional, this technique is useful at creating division between spaces for work and rest.

Contrasting paint can also be used to bring balance and harmony into your home. Try taking the paint up the walls and across the ceiling to create symmetry and the illusion of taller walls. We recommend using a deep and daring shade like Terrazzo to truly make a statement.

If you prefer a look with less contrast but still want to go bold then try colour drenching. This technique utilises the same paint shade across every inch of the walls and woodwork creating a cosy and cocooned atmosphere. For more variation and added depth, try going one shade darker for the doors – we love shades Aloha and Bittersweet together for this effect.

Breathe & Birdhouse Paint

Breathe and Birdhouse Paint