Accent Wall Inspiration Ideas

8 Unique Wall Paint Pattern Ideas for Your Feature Wall

When it comes to creating a feature wall, there are a million different directions you can go in. The most simple options are to wallpaper one wall, or to paint one wall a different colour to the rest. But if you’re looking to flex your creative muscles, here are eight of our favourite DIY wall paint patterns.


Circles are a very versatile shape when it comes to decorating. Whether you want polka dots in neat rows, a Jackson Pollock-style affair or large, sweeping curves, you can use circles to achieve the effect. We suggest painting the entire wall one colour and then using a contrasting colour for the circles, which you can paint on with stencils.


Stripes make for an iconic look in any home and depending on your colour palette you can create both playful and sophisticated effects. Stripes also have the advantage of adding dimension to a space - want your ceiling to seem higher? Paint vertical stripes. Want to create the illusion of breadth? Choose horizontal stripes instead.

To find out exactly how to paint stripes on a wall, check out our detailed guide.

Striped Inspiration Wall Idea


Geometric Wall Inspiration Wall Idea

Creating a geometric feature wall is lots of fun and allows you to experiment with shape, colour and design in a way that perfectly complements your interior aesthetic. They make for great, eye-catching statements, and all you really need is some paint and some tape.

One classic geometric wall design is the epoch diamond, which you can learn how to replicate using our blog.

Faux materials

Sadly, it’s not very easy (or affordable) to use certain materials in our homes. But that marble bathroom doesn’t have to be completely out of reach. Use simple, texturising tools such as paint brushes, sponges and feathers, you can add a marbling effect to white walls. Have a misting spray bottle ready to help you blend after applying grey paint.


An ombre wall design is a great way to introduce various shades to a room without overwhelming it. Use different shades of the same colour, or dilute your main colour by adding white paint, to gently progress from dark to light or vice versa.

Freehand line art

You don’t have to be an incredible artist to create a unique and aesthetic feature wall, even without stencils or tape. Why not try making hand painting lines on a pale background. The simple process leaves you with a striking finish that stands out in living rooms and bedrooms.

Freehand Line Art Inspiration Wall Idea


If you have a steady hand (and lots of tape) why not create a gorgeous herringbone effect on one of your feature walls? We recommend the herringbone pattern as it is simple and repetitive, and the end result is well worth any concentration you might need to create it. Elegant and minimalist, it perfectly suits bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Mountain Wall Mural

Ever fancied painting your own wall mural? Recreating an atmospheric mountain scene in your home isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Use string to outline the desired shapes, using an image for reference, and paint with different shades of grey. Applying paint with a sponge can be a great way to create a misty, more natural effect.

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