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    Superfresco Paintable wallpaper

    Superfresco Paintable wallpaper has decorated the walls of the world for over 30 years. It is the ideal wallpaper for those difficult surfaces as it has been designed to cover lumps and bumps on your walls. And for those high traffic areas like your hallway there is also Superfresco 5x Tougher, which will withstand more knocks and scrapes than regular wallpaper. With a huge range of textures from subtle fabric effects to stunning florals and intricate geometrics you’re sure to find the perfect paintable white wallpaper to suit your home. 
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    • superfresco paintable (57)
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    • wallpaper (57)
    • superfresco paintable (57)
    • eclectic (18)
    • wall doctor (3)
    • 5x tougher (2)
    Room of use
    • hall (22)
    • bedroom (19)
    • dining (18)
    • lounge (18)
    Application method
    • paste the paper (51)
    • paste the wall (5)
    • prepasted (1)
    Corduroy USD $30.00 a roll
    Mercer USD $25.00 a roll
    Bark USD $19.99 a roll
    Venere USD $30.00 a roll
    Curvy USD $30.00 a roll
    String USD $19.99 a roll
    Swirl USD $25.00 a roll
    Shatter USD $30.00 a roll
    Eden USD $30.00 a roll
    Linen USD $30.00 a roll
    Hessian USD $19.99 a roll
    Plaster USD $25.00 a roll
    Lewis USD $25.00 a roll
    Subway USD $30.00 a roll
    Lana USD $30.00 a roll
    Arches USD $30.00 a roll
    Emily USD $30.00 a roll
    Pure USD $30.00 a roll
    Jamille USD $30.00 a roll
    Elliot USD $30.00 a roll
    Mistral USD $30.00 a roll
    Felicity USD $30.00 a roll
    Jude USD $30.00 a roll