How to use Red in the Home


Red is a powerful, commanding colour and many homeowners shy away from using such a bold shade in their home. However, red is the perfect shade to decorate with whether you want to make a statement or use it in small doses. Here is a guide to decorating with red and choosing the ideal tone for you.


Create Drama in the Dining Room  


The colour red is said to stimulate the appetite making it the perfect shade to use in the dining room. Red tones also complement brass elements such as chandeliers, door handles and fixtures nicely. If you do choose red as your primary colour, it is wise to stick to one shade as mixing multiple red tones can appear chaotic. Our Shanghai paint lends itself well to dining rooms and boasts oriental inspired tones.



Be Bold in the Bedroom


Red works well with beige tones as you can see here with our Melody Red Wallpaper. The red tones can really liven up your décor but if you want to soften the look a little, look no further than this flirty floral print. For a more delicate option, our Bloom Beige and Red Wallpaper design is ideal and as you can see even using small accents of red can still make an impact. This shade lends itself well to both masculine and feminine home décor and our red brick wallpaper offers a completely unique and urban aesthetic. These three designs show how versatile the colour red can be so whether you are looking to create a regal space or a rustic look, red is a colour to embrace.


Liven Up the Living Space


Red is a tricky shade to get right because there are a number of tones and finishes to choose from. Red paint is the perfect partner for dark mahogany wooden accents making it the ideal colour to use in a social space. The right tone of red can make a living room an inviting and welcoming environment that will make your guests feel right at home. Our poppy paint can add dramatic flair to your space or you can use it to update key pieces of furniture such as a bookcase interior or a side table.


Decorating with red can be daunting but with the right shade you can create a sophisticated aesthetic in any room of the house.