How to Create the Perfect Canvas for an Ever-Changing Kid’s Bedroom

Decorating a kid’s bedroom can be challenging, but it’s certainly never boring! While their interests are constantly changing as they get grow up, you may be resigned to the fact that this will mean redecorating their bedroom every couple of years to keep up with their tastes.  However, this really doesn’t need to be the case, nor does it mean you have to rely on trusty (but sometimes boring) neutrals to ensure they don’t grow out of a look too fast. Yes, it is possible to create a great-looking canvas for their rooms that will allow you to make smaller changes without having to spend a lot of money redecorating every other year! 

The key is creating a design with staying power is choosing sophisticated colour palettes and avoiding expensive themed decor that will need to be changed out as soon as the next character is released on the television or in the cinemas. However, this doesn’t mean your child’s bedroom needs to be boring. Our mix-and-match wallpaper collection works perfectly to provide a fun and playful backdrop to any kid’s style that they will continue to love as the years go by. 

Classic patterns of stripes, stars and bold geometrics in combination with solid paint colours create a whimsical look without being overtly ‘theme-y’ and work well either in conjunction with one another or will pair equally well as a more neutral backdrop to the latest character infatuation they may have. 
Using these fun patterns that won’t quickly date, as the basis for the whole design is a much more practical approach that has staying power, meaning you can simply change the accessories, wall art and bedding as their tastes inevitably change.

Consider, as well, using wall stickers to allow them to indulge their latest love which can be used on painted surfaces without damaging the wall upon their removal. With a neutral paint as your background, the stickers can be applied and changed as quickly as their attentions are diverted to the next big thing! 

We have a huge range of paint colours suitable for any room, as well as wall art and murals, to indulge and delight them without breaking the bank.

So the secret to creating the perfect canvas for their ever-changing tastes is really about using neutral colours for your walls and fun classic wallpaper patterns, that won’t quickly date, to create an exciting and engaging backdrop to whatever your child loves.

Check out our full range of mix and match patterns and our huge collection of paint products. We’re sure you’ll find something both you and your child will love for years to come.