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    Moshi Monsters

    Hattie Broom

    Originally from a fashion background, I am now the Kids' Decor Marketing Assistant at Graham & Brown. I spend my spare time shopping, trawling style blogs for inspiration, or posting my favourite things onto Tumblr and Instagram

    From its humble beginnings of a video game, Mind Candy’s Moshi Monsters is now the fastest growing kids’ franchise with an estimated 80million registered users in 150 territories worldwide, all tending to their virtual monsters around Monstro City. The Moshi Monster brand, which started out as a virtual world where kids aged between 6-12 could adopt, care for and nurture their very own pet Moshi Monster through completing puzzles, earning game currency and messaging friends, has grown from an interactive, online world in to toys, a number one magazine, books, clothes and even food. 
    Essentially, users choose from one of six virtual pet monsters; Katsuma, Zommer, Luvli, Furi, Diavlo and Poppet, who all have traits the users can easily relate to. Users can then fully interact with their chosen monsters, creating, naming and nurturing them. 
    Meet The Gang

    Katsuma – The well-meaning but big-headed Monster obsessed with martial arts. 
    Zommer – Oblivious to everything, Zommer is the silliest Monster.
    Luvli – Flirty and aloof, Luvli has a sharp tongue 
    Furi – Happy-go-lucky and constantly hungry, Furi is dim but lovable. 
    Diavlo – Mischievous, impatient and strong tempered and blows his top when he’s frustrated. 
    Poppet – Impossibly cute but brave and steely.

    With such a sizeable following, it's no surprise that the next step for the team behind Moshi Monsters was to create a movie version of the successful online game.
    Moshi Monsters The Movie will be in cinemas December 20, 2013, and here at Graham & Brown, we can’t wait. 

    View the trailer here!

    It seems it’s not only the Graham & Brown kids’ team who are eagerly anticipating the film release. 
    The team at Daybreak were extremely excited as they débuted the Moshi Monster trailer live on their morning show on ITV. 
    Jo Elvin, editor of UK fashion magazine Glamour, is also eagerly anticipating the film release. She tweeted about the film release and revealed she’ll be going to watch the Moshi gang in action with her little girl.   
    Even everyone’s favourite bear Pudsey is excited. He met Moshi Monsters Poppet and Katsuma for a day of fun ahead of the anticipated film release.

    With both Graham & Brown and Moshi Monster holding cool brand statuses, and reputations for breaking the mould, a collaboration between the two was inevitable. The kids’ team here at Graham & Brown have worked hard to create a collection of home decor Moshi Monster products, which mirror the exciting vibe of the successful Moshi Monsters story, to please the devoted Moshi followers. 
    Our complete wall decor collection includes wallpapers, borders, an interactive wall panel, glow in the dark stickers and 3D wall art all helping to immerse the Moshi fan into their own Moshi world, bringing it to life in their very own space. 

    We can’t wait for you all to see our new Moshi Monsters collection which launches at Graham & Brown on the 8th January 2014.