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    Exclusive interview with Marie Josee

    Marie-Josée was born in 1954 in Brunssum in the Netherlands. She studied art at the Academy “van schone kunst” in Arendonk. After her study she developed her own recognizable and typical style of which she is known already for many years in Holland.  
    Her paintings are balancing between impressionism and lyric abstract. Her style is organic and playful.


    Where are you from originally?
    Originally I was born in 1954 in Brunssum (Limburg) in the South of the Netherlands. A view years ago I decided to go back to my birthplace Brunssum again, where I’m still living now. Back to my roots.
    What/Where did you study?
    At first I studied for Pharmacists Assistant. My parents at that time didn’t want me to go to the art school, because they said that it was nearly impossible to earn enough money being an artist. 
    Although I’m drawing and painting all my life, I decided to paint professionally at the time when my kids grew older. In this stage I had more time to go study again and decided to go to the art academy “van schone kunst” in Arendonk (Belgium).  
    Now, many years later, my parents are very proud that I decided later on anyway to become an artist and like the things I create. 
    What would you do if you weren’t an artist?
    I think I would have had an animal shelter or, more specific, dog shelter. 
    Who is your design idol?
    I don’t really have a designer idol. I see in all things the beauty, but in my opinion, it should have some quality.
    What artists inspire you?
    In general I always were inspired by the impressionists and they still do. But I can also enjoy the realistic work of Kathryn Stats and the almost abstract work of Paul Rouwette. And something totally different is the work of Dali, which intrigue me also very much.
    What I also like are the statues of Rodin and the charcoal drawings of Käthe Kolwitz.

    For which artist do you have deep respect?
    I have deep respect for Vincent van Gogh. Although he wasn’t really a good drawer/painter and had no money at all and lived in poverty, he never stopped following is heart ,dreams and passion. And that is what art is all about. Having passion and following your heart.

    What inspires you further more?
    The beautiful nature, beautiful and different light(fall), movement, emotions and so on. Sometimes I have the feeling that I have a lot of things I like and which inspires me and that I will never have the time to paint this all.

    Which materials you like to work with the most?
    Charcoal, Ink, Aquarelle paint, and Acrylic paint. I often use large block brushes and pensils and I like to paint bigger paintings because it can be more spontaneous. The last years my work concentrates on Acrylic paintings, because for me, it can be the most spontaneously.

    How would you describe your work?
    It can be best described as “balanced between impressionism and lyric abstract”.
    Your work is mostly very colourful and flowers are often subject. Why?
    I like colours. Colours are the basics of my work. Pure colours have a magic attraction to me and speak for themselves. They have their own language so to speak. It will be a pity to mix it and not using the purity of the colour. That is also the beauty of the flowers, which are often subject of my work. Pure and colourful. It makes you happy.

    What do you want to realize with your work?
    I  have the drive to paint and basically do it for my own need en joy. But it makes me always happy when people get emotionally and happy at the same time by seeing my work. Bringing some happiness in each room is a nice result of my work!
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Ik like making long walks with my dogs. I like to read and listen to the music. Gardening is also a big hobby of mine. 
    What are you currently working on?
    I’m now busy with a series of lovely, confident but also modest women. I also started painting columns (pillars) in different sizes which can be used to put other art or a vase of flowers on it. 


    We would like to thank Marie Josee for this interview, and hope you love her creations as much as we do. Click here to view the full Marie Josee collection.