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    That's a wrap!

    Sam Halliwell
    My role at Graham & Brown is marketing assistant for the G&B home, wall art team. I am passionate about anything photography, with a strong interest in styling, design and fashion.  I enjoy social media where I am passionate about keeping up to date with key trends and blogging.


    Beautiful presents come in beautiful packages. We all love receiving gifts but most of all we all love receiving beautifully wrapped gifts.  So if you’re looking to be the perfect gift giver and wow your loved ones join us in our trend led journey to wrapping…
    Why settle for boring, when you’ve spend so long trudging through crowds and queuing for hours for the perfect gift? Bring out your inner perfectionist and take control of your Christmas with our quick and easy guide to stylish wrapping.
    We have something to perfect every parcel and a style to charm every personality. From the deep crimsons and blacks of the midnight sky to the crisp soft whites of the falling snow, we have everything covered to turn the dreaded Christmas wrapping into a creative experience with a personal touch. 

    Make your gift stand out under the tree by personalising your wrapping paper, gift tags, bows, cards and more with our dazzling sets of jewels. Make your gift have the wow factor without digging deep into your pockets. Coming in a range of fantastic colours from vibrant black’s right to sparkly silvers and blissful blues there is something to suit every gift. Whether you’re looking to enhance a beautiful wrapping paper design or just bring some dazzle to your presents jewels are a quick and easy way to make a statement. Simple and easy to use, just peel & stick! 
    What you will need…
    A roll of wrapping paper or wallpaper of your choice
    A roll of ribbon or two 
    Sticky tape
    Your old or new baubles or tree decorations 
    A sheet of white card & a printer
    And last but not least a pack or two of our fabulous jewels!
    Top Tip…
    A roll of paper wallpaper costs between £10-£15 for 10 metres! One roll could stretch to wrap your entire Christmas gifts this year. Thick and durable wallpaper is perfect for creating clean folds for a seamless look. 

    Mineral; This trend follows icy cold blues and whites mixed with festive silvers and gold’s enhancing a winter wonderland feel to any present. Using our range of silver and blue jewels we have decorated wrapping paper by scattering the jewels inside snowflakes and areas of patterns this enhances the wrapping paper while adding a little more sparkle. Why not use baubles and tree decorations to enhance the look of your gift? Here we have selected subtle white & gold accessories and added a touch of design and sparkle using our range of silver jewels that come in a variety of shapes and sizes from round to marquise.  Add the smaller jewels to the edge of gift bows to highlight the personal feel of your gift. This stunning and subtle trend is sure to dazzle this Christmas. 

    Totem; Be daring this Christmas with the vibrant colours of the totem trend.  Team up bold metallic colours with splashes of contrasting colours to give a head turning colour pop.  Our beautiful jewels come in a range of vibrant colours to team up with your chosen colour combination. Highlight the details of your ribbon by scattering the jewels along or create geometric lines with the jewels to add sparkle to your present. Create a statement bow in the centre of your present to really add the wow factor.  Simple, elegant and striking under the tree!

    Traveller; Inspired by nature, the environment and culture traveller incorporates neutral colours, textures and with just a hint of colour creates a handcrafted with love, rustic feel. Combining different size ribbons is a great way to add texture and form to your present, highlight this with adding jewels along the lines created by the ribbon or evenly spaced out along the centre.  What better colours to add than green and red jewels for the festive season, these will make any print or design of wrapping paper pop and enhance details.  Revamp your old baubles and tree decorations by adding some sparkle to them by adding a hint of jewels these will add the extra finishing touch to your beautiful present. 

    Curio; As dark and bold as the midnight sky curio brings together strong blacks and greys with a touch of powerful plums to give an edgy contemporary look.  Like stars in the sky add sparkle and light to your deep black papers by dotting around some sparkly jewels, with a shape to highlight every pattern. Why not recycle your loose ends of wallpapers by wrapping your gifts with them? Strong and thick, wallpaper is the perfect base to be creative and personal.  Enhance the stunning colours of your ribbons by scattering jewels along and along.  Add a personal touch with a crafty photo frame tree decoration, perfect to add a festive design, name or photograph, decorate this with jewels to bring a statement to your perfect present!

    Sorbet; Soft and subtle pastel colours have been a huge interior trend throughout the year. With a colour palette combining soft lilac, pink, yellow, mint & powder blue there is a shade to suit every present.  Combining sorbet colours with subtle florals and hints of gold accents if a perfect way to add sparkle to your Christmas. Add the wow factor by combining our different shaped jewels to enhance the subtle sorbet colours. Our beautiful tear shaped pink and silver jewels are great to enhance flower petals and leaves adding a hint of sparkle.  
    A gift from us to you...
    To help you along with the gift wrapping process we have whipped up some creative and unique printable gift tags to finish off your present in style. Each tag works perfectly to complement each trend shown throughout this blog post! So just print them off onto card, cut along the dashed line, punch a hole in the top & add the final finishing touch to any gift. 

    Wishing you all a merry Christmas from the Graham & Brown home team.