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    Natural and Organic

    Wallpaper is like fashion, but for the home. It comes in a huge range of styles and patterns and thanks to the advances in technology used to create the printing techniques, and a new generation of innovative designers, wallpaper is now one of the most interior must haves… So whatever the design style you require it’s now easy to stamp your own personality onto the walls of your home with beautiful patterns.
    Today were talking Natural and Organic, this is a theme that represents a calming environment, and somewhere that is very natural. This will be a room where you can relax and unwind. Here are some suggestions…
    Firstly you need to choose your base colour, this will be the colour that is the largest area of colour in your room. Then you can choose an accent tone which will be a contrast, just a few tones away from your base colour. 

    If your mixing patterns then these two designs are perfect co ordinates, However always consider that if you are to mix designs, use a large scale design with a smaller scale design. You should also choose patterns that share the same colour tones. 
    You could also complete this look with matching paint…
    Applying paint to your walls is an easy way to update any room. Using soft natural colours, reminiscent of the natural landscape.  Paints with a matt finish create a slightly more natural and organic feel, however rooms that are used more often may benefit from silk/satin finishes that are washable.
    This design features beautiful metallic tones for a shimmering effect creating a subtle finish. If you are feeling close to nature then this is the perfect look as the colour palette and finishes are key to this look.
    To complete the look add a focal point with this beautiful set of two leaf trail metal wall art. This will add dimension and style to your walls.

    Don’t be afraid to be more daring with your wallpaper and patterns. Use it both  in small spaces and large spaces. The impact goes beyond the feature wall!

    This design gives a 3D illusion of forest layers in a soft natural depth. The white and grey metallic in-fills give a contemporary twist to this easy living wallpaper, which would go in any home.

    To complete this look you could get crafty with some wooden furniture by lightening the look of your wood by mixing in painted elements with white paint. You could go further this natural and organic look by distressing the paintwork by rubbing it down in areas with sand paper.


    Also accessorise the room so it remains a soft, relaxed look. For example layers of natural textures such as woven fabrics and fine linens to create a nature inspired theme for your soft furnishings. Also continue this look on your wall art like below…

    So now you have the ideas, it’s up to you to create the perfect natural and organic sanctuary that you can relax and unwind in. 


    Written By Rebecca
    Being interested in Surface Pattern Design from a young age founded the basis of my main aspirations to become a Designer. I gained qualifications in Interior Design which led me to graduate after studying BA(Hons)Textile/Surface Pattern Design. I was then successful in gaining the opportunity to become an Apprentice Designer at Graham & Brown.


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