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    Furniture Revival

    For many of us, wallpaper is typically associated with our walls. But in fact it can be used to revive and revamp old furniture. Prints don’t just have to stop at the walls and our bedding, let’s look beyond that and see how we can spruce up those old wooden pieces that we are considering dooming to the skip.
    Let’s start with choosing the right wallpaper. For a safe option, if you are a little unsure of the idea, it’s best to choose something close what you have on your walls. Buying a little extra wallpaper will allow you to stretch to your furniture and tie it in with the rest of the room perfectly. Having a continuous colour or two flowing from your walls into your furniture will assure a matching look. 
    If you are going all out newness, pattern clashes are set to lead trends for years to come, so choosing a wallpaper completely different to the one you have on your walls is fabulous too. Go completely crazy with this and use it to express your inner creative.

    So, let’s get to the useful part… applying the wallpaper to your furniture. This all really depends on your personal taste and how much of an impact you would like to make. For desks and dressing tables, a subtle approach is to cover the front of drawers. But is you are really going for it then completely cover the top of the surface, just remember to use a lacquer of piece of glass to avoid tearing or scuffs.
    Bookshelves and cabinets are also perfect for wallpaper revival. Covering inside panels creates a subtle hidden pattern element. A nice idea is to use different wallpapers in each tier as crazy or as safe as you want. 

    This idea also lends itself extremely well to kid’s rooms. Whether you use your child’s favourite character or colour, wallpapering storage with bright and fun patterns may even encourage them to keep things tidy. And it also looks really, really cool! Being very aware that your child also grows up extremely fast, like your walls there is nothing stopping you from re-papering your furniture too.

    For a finishing touch and to add a little more depth to your furniture project, it’s always really nice use a touch of paint and maybe consider buying new knobs.
    Anything really does go when you are revamping old furniture. Be daring, be creative and, as ever, have fun!

    Written By Jody
    I am the design studio apprentice at Graham and Brown. When designing and creating new ideas I like to resort back to good old fashioned cutting and sticking, collaging just about anything I can get my hands on (no seriously, anything!). 

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