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    Stick 'em up

    Hattie Broom

    Originally from a fashion background, I am now the Kids' Decor Marketing Assistant at Graham & Brown. I spend my spare time shopping, trawling style blogs for inspiration, or posting my favourite things onto Tumblr and Instagram


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    The Graham & Brown kids’ decor collection is home to an array of exciting and interactive products perfect for kids of all ages. One of the product ranges which is a favourite amongst the kids’ product development team is stickers, which come in all shapes, sizes and uses; including glow in the dark, sticker clocks, static window stickers and wall stickers. 

    A great feature to a selection of the stickers in our sticker range is that they are removable. Not only does this mean the stickers are a fuss free, mess free way to update your child’s bedroom, but also that the stickers can be taken down, moved around and re-applied so changing and refreshing a child’s space becomes a doddle. You don’t even have to stick to the walls, try applying the stickers to your wardrobes, headboards or cupboards to bring unimaginative furniture to life. 
    One favourite amongst the kids’ decor team are the Alphabet Stickers which are a great, multi-purpose product perfect to get your little ones’ creative minds going. Use the alphabet stickers to personalise storage boxes or furniture with your child’s name, or help them to learn the alphabet in a fun and engaging way. 

    Another favourite with the Graham & Brown kids’ team are the sticker clocks which come in different shapes, sizes and characters including Princess, Spiderman and this one from Hello Kitty.
    Like all of our sticker products, the clocks are easy to apply and just as easy to remove, making them a great product to help add a statement to the bedroom as well as helping us engage and educate our little ones to tell the time.

    1. Peel the main sticker off its sheet and place onto the wall wherever you see fit (don’t worry if you’ve stuck it on wrong, just peel it off and start again!) 
    2. Add a touch of personality by sticking the accessory stickers around the main clock face to create a design perfect to bring a splash of colour to your walls. 
    3. Position the battery operated clock in the middle of the design with its sticky back and Hey Presto!
    4. Just peel off each sticker piece when you want to take the clock down or you want to reposition it somewhere else in the room. 

    It isn’t just the sticker accessories that make decorating fun and easy. At Graham & Brown, our kids’ borders are self-adhesive making them just as easy to apply as the sticker packs, helping to take some of the pressure out of decorating, whilst giving your child a bedroom that will grow and change as they do.
    Give the stickers a go, we’d love to see the creations you and your little ones come up with for your walls. And dont forget you can upload them onto our Graham & Brown Twitter (@GrahamandBrown) and Facebook (Graham & Brown) pages for all to see.